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Move over Gorilla Glass, Lotus Glass is Corning’s new pride and joy


Corning Gorilla Glass has quickly become the standard in durable smartphone displays. There are other types of fortified glass out there, but Gorilla Glass has practically become a household name. It’s currently being used in hundreds of products by manufacturers all over the world. Unfortunately, Gorilla Glass isn’t for everyone. Not because of pricing or availability, but because of the technical limitations. That’s where Lotus Glass comes in.

Lotus Glass is a new type of fortified glass from Corning that will be used in high resolution LCD and OLED displays. With more “thermal and dimensional stability” than Gorilla glass, Lotus Glass will be more flexible to design needs and should help prevent display imperfections.

The process of manufacturing a high resolution display, like a smartphone for example, requires intense temperature changes. These changes in temperature can put a lot of stress on the glass being used, and in some cases, cause imperfections. Lotus Glass has a higher annealing point than Gorilla Glass, meaning “more heat is required for the material to relax internal stresses and forces.”

Better heat endurance with added design flexibility means Gorilla Glass may become a thing of the past. Lotus Glass has already gone into production, but Corning won’t reveal if any manufacturers have signed on to use it yet. Could the Galaxy Nexus be one of the first? It seems unlikely at this point, but Samsung did say they are using fortified glass. Just not Gorilla. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more on Lotus Glass in the months to come.

Source: Wired

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