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Patent wars: Google steps up to support HTC in legal battles


In the last two episodes of Patent wars, third-party companies finally started getting in the middle of ongoing legal battles involving patent infringement and the banning of smartphones in the US. Both Verizon and T-Mobile have made it known that if Apple succeeds in their fight against Samsung, the outcome for their business and consumers would be terrible. Today, a slightly more involved third-party company has voiced their opinion on Apple’s suit against HTC.

Google has filed paperwork with the United States International Trade Commission stating their beliefs on how a victory for Apple in the HTC suit would affect the cellphone industry.

Apple is the largest seller of mobile computing devices in the U.S. Allowing this supplier to eliminate the competition from a fast-moving maverick competitor (HTC) could drive up prices, diminish service, decrease consumers’ access to the technology and reduce innovation.GoogleITC filing

As Google continues on, they argue that HTC is just one of the many manufacturers “helping prevent Apple’s iOS from becoming the sole viable mobile platform.” Should HTC’s devices be banned from the market by the ITC, the outcome may negatively affect other ongoing suits, essentially giving Apple the market.

It won’t be long now before a final decision is made. A ruling is expected to be announced on December 6.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

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