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Samsung Galaxy Nexus not coming to Sprint?


The monumental Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich announcement has finally arrived. We’re quite impressed with the new features, but there is one part left out of the equation. There was no mention of a WiMAX version – only LTE and HSPA+.

Sprint does not have either LTE or HSPA+ networks, but they do plan to roll out a 4G LTE network in mid-2012 for select markets with nationwide coverage to be fulfilled by the end of 2013.

What does this mean to Sprint customers? It could mean a few things, but they all have a sad ending. Below are some possiblities:

  • Sprint will not be offering the Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Sprint could get a WiMAX version, but it will take more time
  • Sprint will not be getting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus until its LTE network is launched
  • Sprint might get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus soon, but without 4G until its LTE network is launched
  • Samsung/Google just forgot to mention it, and the WiMAX version is coming

We would prefer to see the last option come true. While it would be Sprint customers’ best hope, it seems highly unlikely. Any other scenario results in a substantial amount of very unhappy Sprint subscribers. I’m curious how many would be willing to switch carriers.

This definitely does seem like an odd move, especially since Sprint and Google have been very close friends lately. The most feasible guess would be that the device will not be arriving on Sprint until the LTE network is up and running. This would mean the Galaxy Nexus will reach “America’s first 4G network” very late, just like its predecessor the Nexus S did.

For now, our only option is to wait and see what happens. We sure hope Sprint customers get some love, though. I’m sorry to break it down like this, but the near future is not looking that bright.

Do you think one of the mentioned results will prove to be true? Can you think of other things that might be happening? Would you switch carriers if the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t come to Sprint? Would you rather wait and see if it does eventually, or if a better device comes around? Speculating is always fun, and we’d love to know what our readers think.

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