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Samsung hits the iPhone 4S where it really hurts: consumers’ wallets


By using an interesting combo of gimmicky marketing ploys and pure genius, Samsung has found a way to turn down the hype on the Apple iPhone 4S launch in Sydney, Australia.

Essentially, Samsung is under cutting the competition. By a lot. Just down the road from Sydney’s Apple store, Samsung has rented a pop up store where they’re advertising the Galaxy S II, and selling some units for far less than what they’re worth. For one week only, the first ten people in line at the Samsung Music Hub awareness shop everyday will get a Galaxy S II for just $2.00. That’s right, a full fledged Galaxy S II for just $2.00.

While the Apple store still has its fair share of customers in line, the Samsung shop has been far busier. Of course Samsung’s small efforts surely won’t stop Apple from selling the iPhone 4S like mad, but it’s the thought that counts here. In a country where Samsung has been blocked from selling their Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Korean manufacturer will likely take any victory they can.

Source: Engadget

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