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Sony to take over Ericsson’s mobile division


If you want something done right, do it yourself. It seems Sony is heeding this advice; the Wall Street Journal┬árecently reported that Sony will be purchasing the mobile division of Telefon AB L.M. Ericsson. This could mean we’ll be losing the Sony Ericsson brand and replacing it with good ol’ Sony.

The WSJ reports that Sony is close to finalizing this deal, which could make Sony Ericsson (if we can still call them that) smartphones much more solid and successful. Sony is recognized as one of the best electronics manufacturers, and if they play their cards right, there’s a lot of potential in this purchase.

By wresting full control of Sony Ericsson, a 50-50 joint venture created in 2001 that is the world's sixth-largest cellphone manufacturer, Sony aims to integrate its smartphone operation with its businesses in tablets, hand-held game machines, and personal computers to save on costs and better synchronize development of mobile devices.WSJ's Source

What can we expect in the near future for Sony/Sony Ericsson devices? We’re sure there will be some changes–some good and some bad. We know Sony is good at integrating devices with electronics, so we could see more native ways of controlling other Sony electronics. (Much like how you can use a VAIO computer or a PSP to control the PS3).

Sony is very proud of its quality products, so we might see these smartphones advance. Sony Ericsson has improved vastly over the last year, and their support for Android development is outstanding. But Sony has very different business models, which they might try to bring to the Android platform. We know they keep their current devices very locked down (especially gaming and media products). We fear this could be the case once they take over Sony Ericsson.

We certainly hope Sony realizes the nature of the Android ecosystem and the role the community plays in it. Unless Sony starts bringing some awesome products, as well as timely updates, a locked down business model will hinder the success of these devices.

As you can see, there are possible ups and downs. We’ll have to wait and see how Sony takes care of things once this deal goes through. What do you guys think? Will Sony keep its devices locked down? Do you think they’ll make an exception in dealing with the Android platform? Would you rather have Sony making smartphones instead of Sony Ericsson?

Via: Android Central

Source: Wall Street Journal

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