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Sprint outlines aggressive LTE rollout, to be fully implemented by end of 2013


At their Network Strategy Update event in NYC this morning, Sprint announced (unsurprisingly) that they will be launching a true 4th-generation LTE network over the next few years. Sprint has detailed a fairly aggressive implementation timeline. The nation’s number 3 network will officially turn on their LTE network in limited markets in mid-2012, and will complete a full implementation of nationwide LTE coverage by the end of 2013.

Sprint will accomplish this by building out the LTE network on their 1900 MHz spectrum, which will last them through approximately 2014. Adding the spectrum from a pending deal with LightSquared will take them through 2015, at which point Sprint believes it will need to look for more spectrum.

“What about LTE devices?” you may ask. Though obviously no details were leaked this morning, Sprint did indicate they will be working with Qualcomm and unnamed manufacturers to ensure that there will be a variety of LTE devices available when they flip the switch on their new network. Sprint expects 15 LTE devices (a combination of phones, tablets and mobile hotspots) to be available by the end of 2012.

There you have it, Sprint customers. Your beloved network will soon be a better experience with the next-generation LTE network. Who out there is excited?

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