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Verizon drops Galaxy Nexus exclusivity tag, UK sets November 17 launch date


Like many great phones before it, the Galaxy Nexus is proving a bit difficult to nail down in the weeks leading up to its launch.

Just last night Verizon put up a page allowing Galaxy Nexus hopefuls to sign up to be the first to know when they could have the privilege of purchasing the newest of superphones. While that page didn’t mention anything about exclusivity, there was a banner ad running on Verizon’s site that proudly stated, “Galaxy Nexus Exclusively from Verizon.” The ad is still there today, but it has been stripped of the “Exclusively from Verizon” text.

Whether that means the Galaxy Nexus won’t have exclusivity on Verizon in the US for a time or if it simply means that it won’t have exclusivity globally remains unknown. We’re also still without a Verizon release date; our only evidence points to November 10.

However, we do now have what seems to be a hard date for the Galaxy Nexus to launch in the UK. Yesterday we reported November 16 as the release date based on the third party retailer “Phones4U,” but it turns out that was off by just a hair. Both Amazon UK and, subsequently, Samsung themselves gave November 17 as the official UK launch date at an event today in London. A worldwide launch will follow.

So where does that leave us? Does Verizon have a 7-day exclusive? If so why did they pull the exclusivity tag? I guess the one sure thing we have is that by November 17 at least some of us will have the Galaxy Nexus in hand, and I’m sure we can all agree that day can’t get here soon enough.

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