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Video: Next step in battery technology: Charge your smartphone in 10 minutes


Battery technology is one of the main concerns for Android users. Currently, most smartphones don’t last an entire work day. Some devices die in 3-4 hours. And charging your device everywhere you go is an inconvenience. Cellphones are supposed to be “mobile,” not slaves to a power outlet.

Many of you have been praying and begging for new battery technology. While this new development won’t stop you from charging often, it will allow you to charge for a shorter period of time. A much, much shorter period of time. In fact, this smartphone battery can be fully charged in 10 minutes.

NTT Docomo and NEC have teamed up to build this battery prototype, and¬†Engadget¬†managed to catch a glimpse of it during Japan’s CEATEC trade show. Not much was revealed about the product, but Engadget did get a few details. This prototype is made for NEC’s Medias Android smartphone, which is currently only available in Japan. This feat is possible thanks to the Sleeve’s AC adapter, which pushes 6.0 amps to the battery. (Normal charges support about 0.5 amps).

The prototype is a battery sleeve that you place on your device, which is then charged through the power outlet. This, along with the fact that it’s only available for one Japanese phone, makes it much less compelling. But imagine the potential. If we could charge batteries in 10 minutes, it would no longer be such an inconvenience to charge devices as often as we do now. You could easily fully charge a device while having lunch or drinking a cup of coffee.

Take a look at Engadget’s hands-on video and check out the images posted below to see more about this revolutionary battery. What do you guys think? Would you get one of these battery sleeves? What do you see coming in the future of battery technology?

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Via: Gizmodo

Source: Engadget

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