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XDA has Google Wallet working on all Nexus S devices

3 years ago 11

Google recently released Google Wallet. This was meant to dust off that NFC chip, which is hardly (if ever) used. Sadly, this service is not available for all Nexus S owners; only those on Sprint’s network (Nexus S 4G) have access. This exclusivity has many Nexus S owners unhappy. But if you can’t change the rules, there are always workarounds.

Thanks to the guys over at XDA Developers, it’s now possible to use Google Wallet on your (T-Mobile/Unlocked) Samsung Nexus S. Things are not as simple as you’d imagine, though. At least not for most users. You do need to work your way around some custom ROMing and a follow few other steps that involve booting into recovery, wiping and flashing.

The word on the street is that you’ll need one of the latest CyanogenMod 7 Nightlies for this to work; Android 2.3.7 seems to be necessary. Successful reports mostly come from users on builds #211 and #212.

Those who are comfortable playing around with devices can now get in on the Google Wallet action. As always, be careful, back up your data, and follow the instructions at XDA Developers. You should already know this, but we’ll mention it just in case. These processes can void your warranty and there is a possibility of “bricking” your device. If you are not comfortable with flashing ROMs and other such processes, we recommend you stay away from this. If you do proceed, do your fair share of research beforehand; if something goes wrong, you are on your own.

It is disappointing to have to go through so much just to get Google Wallet working on the good old Nexus S. Is anyone out there going to try this method? People have reported successful sign-ups and even received a free $10 bucks for their first purchase. Those who are trying this, please sound off in the comments and let us know how it works.

Also, we haven’t heard much from Google Wallet users since its release. Do you guys use it much? Is it a helpful tool? Or was it just fun in the beginning and has now lost its hype?