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Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard ported to most Android 2.2+ devices


We’re starting to see more and more Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich themes and ported applications pop up on the Android market lately. Yesterday morning, XDA member for.digit announced that he has ported over the Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard to Android 2.2+ devices. Since the latest version of Android has been released into AOSP, this is a direct port of the application found in Android 4.0 rather than the themed keyboards we’ve seen in the market already.

Though your phone may or may not be seeing the latest version of Android makes it’s way to your device in 2011, you can get a little taste of the upcoming OS by installing the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard application. Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard is currently available in the Android Market for free for most Android 2.2+ devices.

Perusing through the reviews on the market, the application seems to be having some trouble with HTC devices (confirmed by our own Sean Riley’s HTC Thunderbolt), though it works fine on the two Motorola phones sitting on my desk, as well as a few staff devices from LG and Samsung.

If you do happen to check it out, let us know if you have any problems with the application or let us know how you like the keyboard by leaving a comment below.


Source: XDA-Developers

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