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Amazon Kindle Fire unboxing and specs don’t matter, but ecosystem and price will push it past iPad sales

Kindle Fire

Can the Amazon Kindle Fire really outsell Apple’s iPad2? After spending less than a day with the $199 Kindle Fire, I believe Amazon will pull it off. And I think it will happen much sooner than many analyst are thinking.

As many bloggers have been discussing this week, hardware specs don’t really matter with a device like the Kindle Fire. What does matter is the $199 price and Amazon’s massive content ecosystem of 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, and books. There are millions of consumers who aren’t quite ready to drop $499 on a tablet, but when you lower the price to $199 and produce a device that’s good enough then you are going to attract a lot of holiday shoppers and impulse buyers.

A recent Kindle Fire study from retrevo.

Apple recently reported record iPad numbers, selling 11 million units during last quarter. This holiday quarter should see even greater sales, but I think Amazon can surpass that next year when they expand their tablet portfolio. Reports suggest that Amazon has increased production of the Kindle Fire twice already and could ship between 5-6 million devices before the end of the year. With the Kindle Fire appearing in over 16,000 retail locations, I predict it will be the hottest gift this year and sell out before Christmas.

I’ve already witnessed the Kindle Fire buzz in talking with some of my non-nerd friends who said they planned to purchase the device or they were interested in learning more about it. One particular friend who still carries an iPhone 3GS told me he pre-ordered the Kindle Fire over an iPad because he was an existing Amazon customer and the device was more in line with his budget. He is just one of many Apple customers that I think will be purchasing their first Android device this year.

Starting today, the Kindle Fire should be available at Best Buy and other select retailers if you want to give it a spin. Or you could also watch my first impressions of the device as I unboxed it late last night after UPS dropped it off. We plan to explore the Kindle Fire a lot more this week, so please let us know if you have any questions or things you would like to see us try out on the device.

How do you think the Kindle Fire will sell this holiday season? Did you already buy one or are you considering picking up one as a gift?

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