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Canada’s big three lay out launch plans for the Galaxy Nexus; US users jealous, eh?


It’s been nearly one month since the Galaxy Nexus was first announced, but Canada’s three largest carriers (Rogers, Bell and Telus) have all announced their launch plans for the pure Google device.

Bell will be the first carrier in Canada to release the handset, starting in early December. No specific date has been handed out just yet, but users of Bell at least know that their wait will be over in just a couple more weeks now. For more information on the Bell Nexus, you can check out the dedicated site Bell has put up for the phone that features some great pictures along with a nice feature rundown. [1]

As of today, Canada’s largest cellular carrier Rogers has opened up preorders for the Galaxy Nexus’ early January release. No exact date in January has been set, but for $40, you can guarantee a handset as soon as the Nexus hits shelves. [2]

Much like Rogers, Telus has announced that they will also be selling the Galaxy Nexus in January. Yet again, no word on pricing or an exact release date, but any information is better than none. [3]

While they aren’t one of top three carriers in Canda, Virgin Mobile has also announced their launch plans. They’ll also be releasing the Nexus in December, using the tagline “we’ve got it first!” on advertisements for the device. Exactly when in early December is still a mystery, but you can preorder here. [4]

Now that Canada’s largest carriers have started to reveal their launch plans for the Galaxy Nexus, you have to wonder if carriers in the US will follow suit. If all of this sounds familiar, you may be thinking of the Canadian and US launches of the Galaxy S II. Thanks to the carriers in the US, Canadians saw the Galaxy S II long before anyone in the US. Could we be seeing a repeat of that scenario, or does Verizon just have a death grip on Google here?

If the Galaxy Nexus were to come out for Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile around January like the Rogers and Telus versions, then an announcement shouldn’t be too far off. Until then, anyone in the US might want to get their Canadian contacts ready to do some exporting.

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