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CyanogenMod 7 ported to Kindle Fire; functional ROM still a ways off

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When the Kindle Fire first came out, the director of Amazon’s Silk browser project, Jon Jenkins, was sure to mention that Amazon doesn’t really care if you root the Kindle Fire or not. He said that “it’s going to get rooted, and what you do after you root it is up to you.” Not only was that great news for hackers who want to see what they can do with a rooted Fire, but also for developers who want to make the Kindle Fire a fully fledged Ice Cream Sandwich tablet someday. That time may still be a ways off, but the ground work has been laid.

A partially functional CyanogenMod 7 port for the Kindle Fire has gone live today, complete with picture proof that the ROM does indeed boot. As of right now, there’s a lot wrong. One of the first hurdles to leap is the malfunctioning multitouch controller. But on a good note, WiFi is already functioning — something that has been known to give ROM developers a hard time on other devices.

As mentioned before, it’s going to be awhile until a fully functional port is up and running. Considering how long it took for this to pop up, though (a mere two weeks!), I wouldn’t doubt if it was sooner than later.

Could the Kindle Fire become the hacker’s dream tablet? Considering the hardware and the price, I wouldn’t doubt it. If you thought the Fire was popular before, just wait until it gets Ice Cream Sandwich. Assuming that someday a fully functioning ROM makes its way to the device, I don’t think anyone could turn it down.

Via: The Verge

Source: XDA

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