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Video: T-Mobile G1 gets its very own Android 4.0 AOSP port


If you’re into loading custom ROMs on your rooted Android device, I’m pretty sure you’ve been keeping a close eye on the development community, hoping to get an Android 4.0 build for your phone up and running as soon as possible. We’ve already seen a few Android phones get early AOSP ports over the past week, but none of us expected to see Ice Cream Sandwich running on the T-Mobile G1.

Just last month, the HTC T-Mobile G1 celebrated its third birthday, but the development community for the original Android phone is still working hard to keep the phone relevant in a world dominated by dual-core devices. But the Android 4.0 build isn’t quite ready for prime time quite yet. Developers are still trying to enable WiFi, Bluetooth and screen rotation, but we don’t expect these issues to linger for too long.

I’d venture a guess that most G1 devices were retired about a year ago, but there are plenty of you who couldn’t bear selling the device once you upgraded to something new. Are any of you going to spend some time this weekend playing with Android 4.0 on the G1? I know I will.

Source: XDA-Developers

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