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Android’s touch user experience could be revolutionized by Atmel maXStylus


Who has the industry’s highest performing stylus for tablets and handsets? We have seen a handful of Android devices with stylus accessories, but that number should greatly increase thanks advancements from Atmel and new developer features found in Android 4.0. Atmel is already one of the leaders in capacitive touch solutions on Android devices and the company recently announced maXStylus, an active stylus solution for tablets and smartphones.

We expect the maXStylus will be a nice fit for Android 4.0, which now includes full support for stylus input events. New developer APIs allow events like tilt and distance axes, pressure, and related motion event properties. Android 4.0 also adds distinct tool types for stylus, finger, mouse, and eraser.

The maXStylus family offers “unparalleled human interface” with a new feature called multiSense that provides simultaneous touch and stylus functionality. This allows advanced gestures like zooming in/out while writing and scrolling, page flipping while scrolling, and selecting a tool or content.

Highlights of the maXStylus include:

  • multiSense Functionality – Simultaneous Touch and Stylus Operation: Use Touch While Writing with Stylus to Zoom, Scroll, Erase, Turn the Page and Perform Other Advanced Gestures. Rotate, Move and Zoom into 3D Drawings and Images
  • Excellent Palm Rejection: Write Comfortably with Palm Resting on the Touchscreen Without Erroneous Touches
  • Ultra-Small Tip Diameter of 1mm with Accuracy of +/- 0.25mm: Clearly See What You Are Touching.Imitate the Precision of a Real Pen Tip.
  • Fast Frame Rate of 140Hz: Capture Taps, Double Taps and Other Fast Gestures
  • Pressure Sensing: Capture Pressure Profile of Written Text. Create Stunning Drawings
  • Stylus Technology Supported for Tablets and Handsets: Use the Same Stylus Across Various Devices.

The maXStylus mXTS100 began sampling to lead customers this month and Atmel expects production quantities to ship in the first quarter of 2012.

I have a strong feeling we will be hearing more about the maXStylus when Adobe finally releases Photoshop Touch and their other touch-enabled apps. For an idea of what kinds of user experiences this technology will allow, check out the product demo from Atmel below.

Source: Atmel

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