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Best Buy launches Nexus Prime product page with $299 price


Well, that $199 price tag on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus certainly didn’t last long. It looks like someone at Best Buy got a little trigger happy and flipped the switch on their Samsung Galaxy Nexus product page, revealing the handset’s $299.99 price effective from November 27 (that’s today) until the end of the year.

Since Best buy can’t seem to get the handset’s name quite right, we’re not sure how much faith we have in their two-year contract pricing and the $799.99 contract-free price they have listed.  Come on, Verizon, all we want is an official price and launch date so that we can put all this speculation behind us. This waiting game is getting a bit ridiculous. Are any of you considering giving up on Verizon in favor of the unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus that works on both AT&T and T-Mobile?

Via: Android Central

Source: Best Buy

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