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Galaxy Nexus update rolls out complete with volume bug fix


If you purchased a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (or just heard about it), you probably know about the volume bug. Basically, UK users have been experiencing problems with the volume, which seems to sporadically turn up and down. (Read more details here).

This is no small thing. The Galaxy Nexus is the most awaited phone of the year. Such issues can be disappointing, especially for people in the US. People are already discouraged by the time it’s taking for the device to hit shelves. And now bugs are showing up?

Luckily, Google/Samsung promised to take care of this issue via an OTA update. We thought it would take longer, but the update is rolling out now. Users are reporting successful device updates all over the place. If you’ve been missing out on important conversations due to this volume bug, head over to Settings > About phone > System updates and get your phone all straightened out!

The file is a bit less than 1 MB, and it seems the only thing it does is fix this horrendous bug. There seems to be no other difference, and the version is still Android 4.0.1. Either way, it’s great to see this issue resolved. Thanks, Samsung/Google!

Check your device to see if your update is ready! Just wait and try later, if it doesn’t work. We know it’s hard to wait, but try to relax and not hit the update button every 2 minutes. Let us know if you received the update! Is everything working smoothly now?

Via: Android Central

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