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Google Music screenshots leaked, service to include free song of the day


TechnoDroidVe have gotten their hands on screenshots from the oft-rumored Google Music Store, which we expect Google will launch on November 16 as a sub-store of the Android Market. Though we’ve previously dug up music store icons from deep in the .apk of the Android Market before, TechnoDroidVe have provided the first market screenshots.

One lucky user in Venezuela was apparently able to access the store with “a few tricks and a little luck” via an HTC Inspire 4G. As it goes with these types of leaks, we’re going to wave the yellow flag of caution until we’re able to get a few more people to confirm the music store. That being said, the images look legitimate enough to suggest they are probably real, and the fact that Google is set to launch in just two days lends credibility to this story.

The Music Store appears to have the same UI interface we’ve seen in the recent Android Market builds inspired by the upcoming Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. As seen in our earlier leak, Google has selected orange as their color scheme for the Music Store.

We’ve included a few of the screenshots in the gallery below, though you can see dozens more if you head over to TechnoDroidVe’s site.

UPDATE: Clark pointed out something strange in the screenshots, and we now have a slight reason to believe that these pictures could be fake. If you’ll notice on the top of the screenshot in this article, the word “Market” shows up on the header. If you go to your Android Market, and click on Games, Apps, Books, or Movies, the heading will show Games, Apps, Books, or Movies, and not the more generic “Market” moniker. It’s possible that this is because Google is still testing this market add-on, but it’s also possible that these are fake. We’ll know in a few short days.

google-music-preferred Google Music 1 Google Music 2 Google Music 3 Google Music 4

Via: The Verge

Source: TechnoDroidVe

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