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Google Voice app update; text to multiple recipients, pre-fetch voicemails

2 years ago 19

At last! Google listened to us and just updated the Google Voice app (version with two of the best features we’ve seen in a while. One of them we’ve been requesting for a long time.

Yes, my friends. We can finally send a text message to multiple recipients, simultaneously. Just keep adding those contacts to the recipient box, write your message, hit “send,” and you’re good to go. It’s that simple.

To make things even better, Google has also added another feature with this update. Until now, it hasn’t been possible to listen to voicemails without an internet connection. It’s hard to find yourself without internet, but it happens. We can now ease our minds, since we’ll be able to get our voicemails even without a data connection. Google Voice can now pre-fetch voicemails, allowing you to listen to them later on while on the road (without internet).

This is nifty, but we’re most excited about multiple recipient texting. Sure, this has been something Google took a long time with, but better late than never. Right? Go ahead and update/download Google Voice if you haven’t yet. And be sure to let us know what you think. How many of you guys have been waiting for this feature to show up?

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