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Topic Tuesday: Which feature are you most looking forward to in Android 4.0?


It’s Tuesday and that means we’re back for another round of no-holds-barred Android discussion with our new Topic Tuesday series. Each week, we’ll ask a new question for our users to answer. In these special threads, points for upvoted comments are multiplied, making Topic Tuesday a great place to sound off and grab some points for your And Me Account. This week’s question?

Refreshed UI

Which feature are you most looking forward to in Android 4.0?

Being the UX nerd in the bunch, I can honestly say I’m pretty stoked for the refreshed user interface. A lot of people cracked on the Tron style interface of the latest crop of Honeycomb tablets, but after months with the devices I feel right at home with the futuristic stylings. And even more recently, the Google+ app was updated with a distinct ice cream flavor, and I’ve been highly enjoying that experience, too. Also, I’ve never really been a widget guy, but lately some of the stuff I’ve been seeing from ICS makes me think they might be finding more space on my homescreens soon.

Edgar Cervantes is jazzed about tighter control over data usage:

Data Usage

“One of the features that I found most exciting in ICS is the network data control app. Tiered data has been making our life a bit more complicated lately. Yes, one can simply keep checking the used data online, but most people have other things to worry about in their everyday routine. This feature would allow you to set warnings after the device uses a certain amount of data (through the network), and even set data limits. It seems like a feature that many of us will be able to take advantage of.”

Nick Gray is most interested in the new gesture controls, which should have you controlling all sorts of new things with just a few swipes:

New Actions

“The one new feature in Android 4.0 which I am looking forward to the most is the gesture/swipe integration throughout the OS which can be used to swipe between screens, contacts, email or SMS conversations. But where the real magic comes in is where you can swipe to close applications from the task manager, swipe to close a browser window or swipe to remove just one notification rather than having to click or use the clear allbutton. ”

So what about you? What feature are you most excited about? If you need help picking one, you can check out the feature list on the official, or you can read our highlights here. And remember! Topic Tuesdays are for registered users only. And we don’t only discuss, we vote on other comments. Now keep it clean, fellas!

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