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200 reasons to buy a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play


Last year around this time, one of the hottest rumors on the Android blogs was the PlayStation Phone. Just the idea of PlayStation branded phone had many of us excited, but the final product that Sony Ericsson released as the Xperia Play left some of us underwhelmed. Despite what you think of the device, it was one of Sony Ericsson’s best selling smartphones in the US since it was picked up by Verizon and then AT&T.

Today Sony announced that there are over 200 fully optimized games designed for the Xperia Play, which is quite an accomplishment. This is thanks to the 85 developers and publishers that have teamed up with Sony, including some big ones like EA, Konami, Gameloft and Square Enix.

Right now the Xperia Play for AT&T and Verizon is selling for only $0.01 on Amazon, so it might be the perfect gift if you have a young gamer around the house that wants a phone with a slide-out gamepad.

Next year figures to be even more exciting for the Xperia Play brand. Sony is promising “more great titles, more great devices, [and] more great gaming.”

Jonathan Geller of BGR recently sat down with Sony Ericcson President of North America Paul Hamnett and they discussed the future of the Xperia Play. Mr. Hamnett said, “We don’t want it to be just one phone that we tried in a gaming franchise. You will see further iterations of it going forward and you will also see PlayStation Certification on most of our smartphones going forward as well.”

Now that Sony is taking over Sony Ericsson and focusing on high-end Android phones, I expect we will see the next PlayStation branded phone early next year. Sony Ericsson had a huge presence at Mobile World Congress last year, so we should see several new products announced by late February.

If you passed on the Xperia Play and are still a PlayStation fan, what would you like to see in the next-generation “PlayStation Phone?”

Source: Sony Ericcson Xperia Games blog

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