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And the first handset maker with an Android 4.0 update is… Huawei?


Handset makers are hard at work figuring out ways to bring Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) to their Android devices. While HTC and Motorola were quick to mention which devices would get the ICS update, both companies were beat to the punch when it comes to releasing the much-anticipated OS upgrade to their devices.

Huawei has released a demo-build of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Huawei Honor smartphone onto its website. Though the Huawei Honor is not currently available in the United States, it is rumored to be coming soon to Cricket Wireless as the Huawei Glory, though no official announcement of the release has been made. Since Huawei doesn’t have their Honor phone available in the U.S., their Android 4.0 build did not have to go through carrier testing, a process which makes the upgrade cycle unbearably slow in the U.S.

Regardless, the fact that one company is releasing Android 4.0 could suggest that other companies will soon follow suit. Or, at the very least, that handset makers will soon be putting their finishing touches on their ICS builds to submit to the carriers for their approval.

Kudos to Huawei for getting it out so early, and being the first handset maker to offer an upgrade to their customers.

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Source: Phone Arena

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