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Galaxy Nexus owners complain about signal strength, Verizon says a fix is being developed


When any high-profile smartphone finally hits the market you expect it to receive a few critical complaints and the Galaxy Nexus is no exception. Over the weekend several Verizon Wireless customers began to complain about signal strength issues on their new Galaxy Nexus. We haven’t experienced any 4G LTE problems with our Galaxy Nexus phones around Austin, but it appears a number of customers are having problems because Verizon Wireless responded to the claims.

Today on Twitter, the @VZWSupport account said that signal issues are “currently being investigated” and a software update is already in the works. No ETA was provided on the fix, but we all know how long it takes Verizon to test and approve a software update before sending it out over the air.

It appears the problem is happening most often on the edge of 4G LTE coverage areas where a device switches over to a 3G connection. Some users have reported a complete lack of data connection when this occurs and have to toggle airplane mode to establish a new connection.

We know from all the Galaxy Nexus launch stories people posted that many of you now own this device, so let us know if you have experienced any signal strength issues or any other problems in the comments below.

Source: Twitter

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