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Galaxy Nexus owners report multitouch issues, slow rotation speeds


It seems both the Verizon and GSM Galaxy Nexus have quite a few quirks, though nothing a software update or two shouldn’t fix. In our Monday Nexus News Roundup yesterday, we noted the connection problems that have plagued the device (which Verizon has promised a software update to remedy), as well as some tips to help you improve the low-res contact images.

Today, we’re hearing of two additional problems with the Galaxy Nexus device. Rootz Wiki [1] has noticed issues with multitouch on the Galaxy Nexus, where the bottom right-hand corner of the screen will essentially stop registering touches after playing certain 3D games (such as Gun Bros and Shadowgun). The Verge [2] has tested this bug, and replicated the multitouch issues on both the GSM and LTE variants of the Galaxy Nexus. Fortunately, this can be quickly remedied by toggling the display off and back on, suggesting this is a software bug rather than a hardware issue.

Additionally, Michael Blake of Techhog [3] has reported that the Galaxy Nexus takes an absurdly long time to switch from portrait to landscape mode compared to other devices. Mr. Blake tested this against the iPhone 4S and found the 4S rotated the screen a few seconds faster than the Galaxy Nexus. I went ahead and tested the Galaxy Nexus against the Motorola Photon 4G and found that the Photon consistently performs about 1-3 seconds faster than the Galaxy Nexus in switching from portrait to landscape orientation (or vice versa). This rotation issue is also likely a software bug — one Google will hopefully fix in a software update soon.

Anyone else out there having any of these bugs? Are you having other bugs with your Nexus that haven’t been reported yet? Let us know in the comments.

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