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Intel shows off Android phone, hints at CES announcement


This week Intel showed off a prototype phone running Android 2.x and a tablet running Android 4.0, both powered by their new Medfield system-on-a-chip. MIT’s Technology Review sat down with Stephen Smith, VP of Intel’s architecture group, who hinted that “the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in January could bring news of gadgets in which Intel’s chips will appear.”

We previously reported on a rumor that Sprint and Samsung were working together on an Intel phone, which was later echoed by another source at Digitimes. There are no hard details on that product yet, but Intel has been talking up their latest mobile processor quite a bit as we count down to CES 2012.

Paul Otellini, Intel CEO,  previously boasted that Medfield beats the competitions hands down, which is the same message from this week’s report. Intel’s Smith said, “Medfield offers faster browsing and graphics performance and lower power consumption than the top three.” Earlier this month Intel said they were coming in 2nd or 3rd in power consumption, so we will have to wait and see which is correct.

Highlights of the Intel prototype devices listed by Technology Review include:

  • Phone prototype looked like the iPhone 4, but was lighter because of less glass and more plastic
  • The phone was “powerful and pleasing to use, on a par with the latest iPhone and Android handsets”
  • The ability to play Blu-Ray-quality video and stream it to a TV
  • Camera has a feature called “burst mode,” which captures 10 full-size eight-megapixel images at a rate of 15 per second
  • Tablet described as “slightly larger screen than the iPad 2 but was about the same in thickness and weight”

Intel once again said we should expect to see products based on their Medfield chip announced in the first half of 2012, but we’ve heard that line before. Hopefully Intel will reveal more in the coming weeks at CES.

Has anyone seen a reason to get excited about Intel inside their next Android device?

Source: Technology Review

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