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Kindle Fire Utility is your one-stop shop for Kindle Fire hacks


Hacking and modding development behind the Kindle Fire has been slowly but surely picking up ever since the device was first released. It’s no surprise that there are already a multitude of hacks and mods available, Amazon made it clear that they know the Kindle Fire will be rooted and that developers will have their way with it. Thanks to a Kindle Fire developer on XDA, those hacks and mods are now easier to find and apply.

Developer “Vashypooh” on the XDA Developers forums has released a Windows utility for the Kindle Fire known as, well, Kindle Fire Utility. By using Kindle Fire Utility, users can easily perform a number of actions with their device, including change the boot mode, repair permissions, factory reset, pull updates from Amazon, replace the framework, install an alternate recovery and more.

Kindle Fire Utility v.1 was just released today, and already it seems to be getting a fair amount of attention. As time goes, the utility will be updated with more features and tweaks, so if you own a Kindle Fire and have a passion for tinkering, you might want to keep this one bookmarked. While Kindle Fire Utility seems easy enough to use, just remember that only you are responsible for what happens to your device. For more information on Kindle Fire Utility v.1, visit XDA.

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Source: XDA

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