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Capcom and LG bring Street Fighter IV HD to Android

2 years ago 58

Over a year ago we reported that Capcom would bring some of their popular franchises to Android and it appears that is finally starting to happen. LG is teaming up with Capcom and throwing a large scale multi-national championship encompassing Korea, Japan, and North America to promote Street Fighter IV HD.

Each participating country will be holding a qualifying tournament, and the finalists from each event will be flown to Seoul where they will battle it out on TV over 5 episodes on Korean cable game channel OnGameNet. For the US tournament, there is more than $21,000 up for grabs as prize money. The official event site just launched and we expect more details to come soon.

Street Fighter IV HD will be exclusively available on AT&T LG Nitro HD smartphone in the US and the LG Optimus LTE in Korea and Japan. Capcom has optimized the game for dual-core processors and it will be available with full HD graphics at 720p resolution.

The US qualifying tournament is scheduled for January 14th, but you can go and and sign-up now by visiting the contest site.

We don’t have any previews of the Android version quite yet, but I dub up an old Street Figher IV trailer as a bonus. Hopefully we will see more Capcom games coming to the Android Market early next year.

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