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Modern Combat 3 now available on Android Market for $6.99


Gameloft’s highly anticipated first-person shooter Modern Combat 3 has finally hit the Android Market for $6.99. North Korea, Pakistan and Russia have all teamed up to launch a terrorist attack on the United States, and it’s your job as Corporal James Walker to lead your special forces into enemy territory and stop them.

Android gaming fans familiar with the prequels will know they contained a lot of corridor action, but Modern Combat 3 will be all about large scale war. The game producer describes MC3: Fallen Nation as delivering “super large scale fights, something that hasn’t been done on smartphones. We wanted to make a point that smartphone gaming can be as huge and awesome as on any other home console.”

The solo campaigns will include 13 missions with locations from Los Angeles to Pakistan and the multiplayer mode will greatly enhance the replay value. Expanded multiplayer features include cross-platform battles, up to 12 players, 6 maps and 6 different modes. The developers are so confident with their multiplayer options that they said MC3 includes “everything that the hardcore first person shooter gamer is looking for.”

Gameloft has a strong track record as one of the best Android game developers, so I had no problem handing them $6.99 for Modern Combat 3. It requires at least 1.37 GB of free storage space, so I’m still waiting for it to install, but it looks like a wide range of dual-core devices are supported, including the newly released Galaxy Nexus.

Those wishing to save a few bucks should also be able to grab the game by visiting on their mobile device. Gameloft normally prices their new titles at $4.99, but their online store has always frustrated me, and I’m ok with giving Google that extra $2.

Check out the trailer below and then go download this game if your device is supported.


Source: Android Market

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