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An interview with the Samsung Galaxy Note designers


The Samsung Galaxy Note is headed to the US early next year so we thought you might want to check out this cool interview with the designers of the device. Samsung Tomorrow got the chance to sit down with Galaxy Note designer SangSik Park and UX (user experience) designer YoungMi Kim where they discussed their inspirations for the device.

When asked to describe the device in one word SangSik Park said, “The Galaxy Note is ‘sensibility’.  It’s not just a phone with top of the line specifications.  It’s a product that was created through a fundamental transformation of the input system to allow users to intuitively store their thoughts and emotions.”

Some of us have cracked jokes about the sheer size of the massive 5.3 inch HD Super AMOLED display, but Park says they based it on thorough market research for one-hand usage. Hit up the source link for the full interview.

Dell’s 5-inch Streak didn’t perform that well in the US, but I have a feeling Samsung will do better this time around. How many readers out there have been waiting on a smartphone with a 5-inch display?

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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