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Android Market surpasses 10 billion downloads drops 10 popular apps to 10 cents


The Android Market has recently crossed the threshold of 10 billion downloads and in celebration of that momentous achievement Google has dropped the price on 10 of the top selling apps in the Market to the bargain price of just 10 cents a piece. The following apps are included in the deal or you can just hit the source link below to see them all on a single page.

I own almost all of these apps and for 10 cents you should absolutely buy each and every one of them if you think there is any chance you might ever use them.

Happy shopping and a big congratulations to Google on 10 billion downloads!

Update: As the promo says this is just part of 10 days of deals, so you should be checking back each day for new 10 cent titles.

Update 2: Google posted the graph below on the Android Developers Blog which depicts the insane growth rate of Market downloads, not of course terribly surprising considering the explosion in device activations, but impressive nonetheless. The Market is currently seeing a billion downloads a month.

Via: Android Developers Blog

Source: Android Market

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