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My friends, the big day is finally here! Not only is today Christmas, it’s the 25th Day of Tegra and that means it’s time to blow the roof off this place. Today’s prize pack is easily the biggest we’ve ever given away on the site, featuring the brand new ASUS Transformer Prime with dock, along with a ridiculous Sonos package that includes a pair of speakers and a Kindle Fire.

The whole package is worth about $1600, not only breaking the record on our previous prizes, but practically doubling them. And with a prize pack so big, we decided to give you three ways to win. Over the next three days (starting now), there will be a new way to win each day. Once we’ve got three finalists, we’ll pick an ultimate grand prize winner.

The Prize: ASUS Transformer Prime with dock, Sonos Play:5, Sonos Play:3, Sonos Bridge, and a Kindle Fire

Today I won’t bother boring you with the specs. I have a feeling you guys already know just about everything there is to know about these devices. The ASUS Transformer Prime of course is the first tablet to feature the new NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor. The Sonos Play:5 and Play:3 are the best built speakers your Android will ever love. The Kindle Fire is one of the most talked about tablets of the year. And we’re giving you a chance to win it all.

Sponsor: NVIDIA

Since this is our last giveaway of the year, I feel the need to gush a bit about the folks that made it happen. The guys from NVIDIA (specifically the @NVIDIATegra team), have been one of our biggest supporters over the years. They continually hook us up with rad selections of devices and more importantly they trust us enough to run custom promotions like this one for you guys. They’ve been a great friend to the Android community and we wish them continued success in 2012.

Sponsor: Sonos

My love affair with Sonos began right before my wedding, when they sent me a pair of Play:5 speakers as an early gift (easily my favorite gift we didn’t register for). The Sonos system makes it possible to stream music from your own collection and from just about any internet radio service to any room in your house. The whole thing can be controlled speaker by speaker from your smartphone or tablet, making for the ultimate party (it even kicks up chores and other boring things).

Some of the oldies in the group might recall that Sonos joined us at our SXSW party last year (the guys with the glowing backpacks). @Sonos has been another long time friend of the Android community and swooping in to beef up this last giveaway is just another example of that. Rock on, Sonos.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Each round of entries will be open for 23 hours. We’ll announce the winner on the calendar page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

How to win

To enter to win today, all you’ve gotta do is leave a comment below. If you’re logged in, you’ll be able to comment. Like I said earlier, this is just the first chance to win. Tomorrow we’ll have a different challenge and the day after we’ll have another. We figured traffic on Christmas might be an all-time low and we didn’t want any of our loyal readers to miss out on such a sweet prize pack.

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  1. Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Merry Christmas all… Didn’t get anything but made sure my 7 kids did. Was great seeing them happy.

  3. Merry Christmas everyone !

  4. Happy Holidays everyone! Thanks for all the great holiday gifts!

  5. Still not too late for me to join, isn’t it. Merry X-Mas to all of you!

  6. Big big gifts, thank you.

  7. Merry Christmas and thanks for a chance to win a Prime.

  8. greatest prize pack ever

  9. Awesome as always, Android and Me staffers! Merry Christmas, hopefully everyone has a safe and happy holidays!

  10. Have a delicious ChristmAs…sono baby…give me some.of that prime

  11. Daaaaang, what a prize! :D *tries not to look TOO eager* ;)

  12. all amazing devices,thanks to everyone who made this giving away spree possible, and nVidia for making such powerful tech(also love the gtx 550 ti :D) i’m sure some got disappointed but i also know a few are very very happy with their gifts :) let us make this community better, only than itself and carry this spirit, happy christmas for christian dudes, happy new year for the rest :)

  13. Merry xmas. Good luck

  14. Merry Christmas to all!

  15. You have to be in it to win it! :)

  16. Oh, Happy day.. Best wishes to you all ^_^

  17. ooohh, pick me pick me :)

  18. Oh hi!
    This is actually a nice site!

  19. Oh pick me me me, what do they say 25 is the lucky charm haha.

  20. Merry xmas and happy new year everyone. I stilllove my old transformer which is still pretty new actuallybut the new prime sure looks exciting!

  21. Merry Christmas! Thanks again for the great giveaways!

  22. Felix Navidad @Androidandme

  23. Merry Christmas! This giveaway package is fantastic!

  24. Happy holidays to all!! Pick me please and thanks!

  25. Wow – Awesome prize pack today!

  26. leaving the comment and crossing me fingers.

  27. Oh please please please let it be me.

  28. Merry Christmas! Count me in on this awesome prize pack! Thanks Android and Me!

  29. Merry Christmas everyone!! This would be a really wonderful present for me :)

  30. Hurray! What a prize! Android and Me keep on doing your great work!

  31. Santa never came to my house so this would be great…

  32. Best wishes to everyone and goodluck!
    Crossing my fingers :)

  33. Merry Xmas everyone!

  34. Merry Christmas to all! Please choose me! All I got was a pair of socks!

  35. Hey, this is pretty awesome. Want.

  36. Merry Christmas all!

  37. Gotta love Christmas and Android!

  38. You guys are great! Fingers crossed :)

  39. This would make a very very merry christmas!!!

  40. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! :D

  41. I can’t stop visiting this page! I really want to win this prize! I feel like I’m an Android and Me stalker!

  42. sounds like an epic prize!!

  43. Wow what a prize for today! Good luck to all and best luck to me!

  44. True Google repper here. Gimme the goods!!!!!
    Oh yea……Merry ChristmaHannuKwanzika!

  45. Oh my this would make a good Christmas even better.

  46. Merry Christmas Folks! Loot Texas style…. we all know what that means

  47. Happy Holidays to all!

  48. That Asus Transformer Prime would be a superb gift :)

  49. All I want for Christmas is… this!

  50. Merry Christmas everyone!

  51. What a great prize! Count me in.
    And a Merry Xmas to you all!

  52. Merry Christmas to mež! I would love this!

  53. So, obviously, I would love to win this!

  54. Merry Christmas to all! And a very impressive prize pack.

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  56. Merry Christmas everyone! And good luck, this is a sweet prize pack!

  57. Christkind, come to Europe! :)
    Merry Christmas! =)

  58. Merry christmas everyone! Now let me get my hands on this ridiculous prize, And this time I wont be number twoooooooo!

  59. That’s one amazing prize pack, thumbs up to Android and Me, NVIDIA and Sonos!

    I hope I get it, I hope i get it <3

    Merry Christmas all!!!

  60. Merry Christmas everyone! This would make a great Christmas gift despite not being able to be with my family this year

  61. This is all I would ever want for Christmas! Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!!!

  62. Oh… I’ve accidentally commented on the prize pack of yesterday :P
    luckily I checked it up again ;)

    so again:

    It would be sooo awesome to win this prize *.*

    Merry Christmas from Germany!!! :)

  63. Merry Christmas to all,

    This is an awesome prize pack.


  64. Merry Christmas everyone , hope everyone has a safe and happy day.

  65. i need a new tablet and my wife could use the fire!

  66. Merry Christmas everybody. Hope I win

  67. Nice prize! Merry Christmas everyone!

  68. $1600? Mother of God…

  69. Android and Me > Santa Claus

  70. I hope this will be the best Christmas ever! Fingers crossed :)

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  72. Wouldn’t mind winning something. It would make my family happy.

  73. Happy holidays everyone!

  74. Merry Christmas to all!

  75. Please give me a Sonos wireless. I LOVE IT.

  76. merry Christmas! what a hell of a thing to get if you win!!!! that’s amazing!

  77. Wow this is incredible.

  78. Merry Christmas to Androidandme and all of the fans out there! keep up the good work! best christmas gift? winning a transformer prime tablet! #bestchristmasgift!

  79. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

  80. Merry Christmas everyone, good luck everybody.

  81. Awesome goodness! Merry christmas to all.

  82. This is an amazing package! We are a tablet-less family. The Transformer Prime has been the sparkle of my eye this whole season. I have been a big supporter of both Google services and nVidia products. Asus has created paradise with these two. I’ve never had the opportunity to use anything from Sonos. I’m sure I’d be so blown away by the Prime that I’d even share and let the wife have the Kindle Fire. ;) Merry Christmas all. I hope all those who work or play with Android & Me was able to enjoy the season.

  83. I would love an Asus Transformer Prime, thank you. ;-)

  84. Wow! Everything I want in such a nice neat package.

  85. It would be great to have an Android Tablet around my place ;)

  86. Merry Christmas everyone! :-)

  87. thanks so much for the trememdous 25 days of gifts

  88. I love surprises!

  89. Season’s greetings everyone…can’t wait to see what Android brings us next year!

  90. Can I please be nominated. Then win this.

  91. Silly Android and Me, thinking there will be a “all-time-low” in traffic with this kind of loot? :P

  92. Merry Christmas to all. :)

  93. Merry Christmas!! Man this prize pack is looking sweeeeeeet!!

  94. Merry Christmas everyone!… very sweet prize indeed :-)

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  97. Leaving comment for 1st chance to win…

  98. This is the Winner-Post! :-)

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  101. Merry Christmas! Winning this prize pack would be awesome!

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  103. 1 in 3,000 is not that bad of a deal. Somebody has to win. Merry Christmas everyone!

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  108. Dear AndroidAndMe,

    I love you. Merry Christmas!


  109. hope everybody had an amazing christmas despite the tough times we’re all facing

  110. Prime… Merry Christmas…what an awesome prize.

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  112. Androidandme continues to be in the Christmas spirit by giving away great gifts

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  122. Merry Christmas :D I love android and me

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  124. Best prize ever. Merry Christmas to whoever wins – I’m very jealous :) Off to buy my Tatts ticket now!

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    Good luck everyone.

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  142. Me me me..

    Give me please.

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  145. Glorious holidays to all, and a joyful New Year. Just so ya know, even a grandmother can love her PC and smartphone, but Oh, how I could use a tablet with a keyboard! Lightweight AND functional: Heaven!

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  147. Merry Christmas android fans! Had an awesome day today but still would like to win this amazing price pack.

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  149. Merry Christmas everyone! Winning this prize pack would be an awesome way to end the Christmas holiday!

  150. Very small chances of winning but this has been the christmas gift I have wanted all along. Don’t have the money to get it myself but damn would be nice to win this thing.

  151. please choose me!!!!

  152. Would love one of these! Merry Christmas to all!

  153. Wow, whatt a great prize pack today!!!

    Thanks guys of the TegraTeam and Android for this contest and Merry Christmas!

  154. Well, I got a BOC this morning… Winning this would top the day off as a PERFECT Christmas. Thanks guys and Merry Christmas.

  155. What would really be cool is a “25 DAYS OF TEGRA” calendar with an ANDROID marker OR
    a perforated calendar that you would open each day to find the prize(giveaway) inside! This could even be digital such as an APP! “There’s An App For That”,

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  158. This could be very useful… Thanks Nvidia and Android and Me!

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  160. Hope everyone had a lovely and very merry Christmas. Mine was perfect, but I’d still like to win just because.

  161. Awesome! Merry Christmas!

  162. Merry Christmas to all! I’ve gotta say that since I couldn’t afford to get the Nexus, this would take the sting of owning the Bionic a little. After all, I couldn’t wait for the Bionic to come out and not even 90 days later Motorola released the Razr.

  163. Happy Holidays to all!!

  164. btw, I live right here in Austin so you wouldn’t have to pay any shipping fees!

  165. Merry Xmas to everyone. Keeping fingers crossed for a Xmas miracle.

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  171. Wow, this is supper sweet! The prime for me and the Kindle fire for the wife! Awesome!!!

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  176. This prize pack is insane! Best gift package I’ve EVER seen online, all EXTREMELY useful things to have around the house

  177. Merry christmas to me with this great prize!

  178. Aw damn! I only got legs for a new BBQ, some cook books and a sweater that had a hole in it – so I would really really love to win this! (Got myself a Galaxy Nexus, so it was ok anyways :-D )

    Merry chrsitmas everyone!!

  179. Merry Christmas! Today is a great day that could only be made better by winning this amazing prize pack :)

  180. Merry Christmas to all! Hope everyone had a great day.

  181. What the heck…I haven’t won yet but its always worth a shot. Merry Christmas!

  182. I would love to get an Android gift this Christmas! It would be the first ever!

  183. Please I didn’t get any presents this year….

  184. THX Sonos, THX Nvidia!!!!!!!!

  185. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. I will be sure to post from my new Transformer. :-)

  186. Merry Christmas to ya’ll

  187. Happy holiday! Hope I win

  188. Please give me an Asus Transformer Prime!

  189. Christmas?? How come I haven’t received any gifts yet? Merry Christmas everyone!!

  190. I love that we can participate from europe
    I love your site!!!!

  191. A big Christmas thank-you to to Sonos, Amazon, and Asus for this fantastic gift package. This would bring my family into the 21st century, that’s for sure.

  192. this would be a sweet Christmas present

  193. Merry Christmas and Android to all and all that good stuff. Now I will take that Kindle and Transformer you have been holding for me until Christmas. Lol. Good prizes guys. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

  194. Merry Christmas to all. I would like some Tegra powered goodness

  195. I would love to win this!! Merry Christmas everyone!

  196. Queen said it best ” I want it all and i want it now”

  197. OMG that sounds ridonkulous!!!! A perfect gift for me ^.^

  198. Thanks for having this giveaway, you guys are awesome. Thanks for an awesome site, glad I found you guys. I have do hope I win, but I’m cool if I don’t.

  199. It would be awesome if I could be the winner. Thanks

  200. Happy holidays to all

  201. Transformer Prime – Transform My Life

  202. Merry Christmas all!

  203. This has been one supper contest, I wish I could have won them all! But I’d settle for todays prize! the Transformer prime is a fantastic device! If I’m not lucky enough to win one here, I’m definatly going to buy one!
    Thanks Androin and me for the chance to win some Fantastic prizes, not to forget NVidia as well

  204. Wow what a prize thanks!

  205. I want to have The good cristal

  206. Merry Christmas all

  207. Merry Christmas everyone! Wow that’s a crazy giveaway!

  208. Merry Christmas everyone! So, will the semi-finalists get something or just the finalist?

  209. I will trade in my ugly sweater for this prize pack anyway….come on!

  210. Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

  211. This would be the coolest christmas present ever. I bought my mom a transformer prime and as soon as she opened today it I got so jealous. At least my mom is awesome enough to ask for the new android hotness…

  212. please make my christmas :) i love android

  213. im still waiting for you guys to save christmas for me, bah hum bug!

  214. Please Santa, I’ve been waiting my whole life for this. I will never beg for another present again. All I got was a razor, and a pair of socks. I really wanted Modern Warfare 3, but I’ll gladly take this tablet so that I can play games with the tegra 3 processor!!!!!!!!!

  215. Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and Good luck to all.

  216. Merry Christmas and thank you for this opportunity!

  217. Merry Christmas and please pick me!!!

  218. And you thought it would be a slow day?!

  219. I want this prize so bad

  220. im still waiting for you to save xmas for me, bah hum bug!

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  222. This would make my year. I’ve never won anything in my life but this would be a great place to start.

  223. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays. This would make a nice gift for the wife and I since we only had money to get the kids gifts this year!

  224. Saved the best for last, it looks like.

  225. Merry Christmas! Hope I Win!

  226. iwant one iwant one! merry Christmas to all and to all goodnight

  227. ACK! Last chance! So nervous!

  228. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!