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Google Android team wishes you a happy holiday; Conan makes fun of Jeff Bezos


Google’s base is Android-happy. Everyone is now carrying their Galaxy Nexus, and things could not be better for Google. The search giant’s mobile operating system is still growing, and has surpassed every other smartphone OS on the planet. Christmas is just around the corner, and the Android team simply could not miss the opportunity to thank all Android users with a fun video.

We know that Google is one of the most awesome companies to work for. These guys sure know how to have fun while staying hard at work to keep us happy. Check out the guys that make Android happen, at Building 44!

Amazon is also trying to get in the Christmas spirit, though. The Kindle Fire has been selling like firecrackers this holiday season. Conan O’Brien has decided to invite “Jeff Bezos,” Amazon CEO. It seems like people are having a few complaints about the device, and Conan has taken a humorous approach at the issue.

In this video, “Jeff Bezos” gives us a few tips to improve our experience with the Kindle Fire. He also assures us that Amazon is working hard at improving the software bugs, and they also have a fix for the “Fire.” Check out the video to chuckle a bit.

P.S.: Do you guys think Conan O’Brien is an Apple fan?

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