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Monday Nexus news roundup


Now that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is in full effect, news on the device is dropping faster than RIM’s profits (ba-dum tsss!). If we were to cover every individual nugget of Nexus news that hits the web, your Twitter and RSS feeds would look like a green, red, yellow and blue bomb went off. And while that might not necessarily be a bad thing, doesn’t everyone else deserve a little face time too? That’s where today’s Nexus news roundup comes in. Here’s a list of all things Nexus that popped up online today, gathered in one neat place for your reading pleasure.

Limited edition Galaxy Nexi being handed out to employees

They did it with the Nexus One and Nexus S, and now they’re doing it with the Galaxy Nexus. Google just loves to make limited edition versions of their Nexus handsets and give them to employees to spread holiday cheer. If you just can’t live without a battery cover plastered in various Android icons, then you might wanna hop on eBay or get a job at Google. That’s the only way you’re gonna get one of these bad boys. [1]

Verizon Galaxy Nexus car dock: three-pin connection not included

There’s not a whole lot to this story, but it’s good to know nonetheless. The Verizon Nexus car dock that attaches to your windshield via suction cup does not have a three-pin dock connection built in. Instead, you have to use the device’s micro-USB connection. The GSM Nexus car dock supports the pins, so why the Verizon version doesn’t is a mystery. [2]

Verizon Nexus extended battery on sale now

Don’t be sad that your Verizon car dock doesn’t utilize the latest in dock connecting technology, be happy that an extended battery for your device is half off at Normally $50, the 2100mAh extended battery can be yours for a low, low $24.99. The original $50 price tag shows up on the product info page here, but the discount will be reflected at the checkout. Better hurry. Who knows how long this will last? [3]

Google Wallet available for unrooted Galaxy Nexi

Rooted Galaxy Nexus users have been enjoying Google Wallet since the device has come out, while unrooted users have had to sit back and wait for an NFC system of their own. Not anymore. A region-based (it only works in the US) Google Wallet .apk has been made available for unrooted Galaxy Nexus devices. The only requirement? Allow the installation of non-Market apps. You can find more info here. [4]

Tips on fixing the Galaxy Nexus’ low-res contact images

Complaints from Galaxy Nexus users on the low image quality of contact pictures is nothing new. For some odd reason, the contact images Google syncs look incredibly poor wherever they’re placed throughout the UI. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to fix that. DroidLife has some tips on how to get high-res images to stick, but they’re a far cry from an official solution. [5]

An in-depth look at the data connection problems surrounding Verizon LTE

Verizon’s LTE network is incredibly fast. There’s no denying that. But there’s also no denying the connection problems that have come with it. David Ruccock over at Android Police has taken the time to go in-depth with the issue, and offers his insights on why the issues still exist today. [6]

That’s all we have for now, but don’t surprised if a couple more stories happen to make the list.

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