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Poll: Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs: Do you prefer CyanogenMod 9 or MIUI 4?

cm9 vs miui 4

There’s no doubt that many Android fans already have their Ice Cream Sandwich-filled Galaxy Nexus. Many of us (especially Americans) are still waiting for this device to hit our local stores, but we’re more than eager to play around with Android 4.0. What happens with those users who don’t feel like they need new hardware to get the benefits of Ice Cream Sandwich, though?

When you know your phone is still good, and you want to stick with it for some more time, custom ROMs can be a great option. For some, it’s even better than waiting for the manufacturer update (which can take a long time). Two of the most famous custom ROMs out there are CyanogenMod and MIUI, and both offer very different interfaces.

While CyanogenMod is an AOSP ROM (hence very Android-esque), MIUI has taken things to another level and completely changed the way things look. Some consider the MIUI ROM to be too weird and flashy (looks much like iOS), while others believe it’s simply beautiful. As always, this is a matter of preference. The beauty of Android is that we all have the option to choose whatever we prefer.

Having said that, we would like to know what your preference is! MIUI has just released some images of what their Ice Cream Sandwich ROM will look like once it’s finished [1]. They have been working hard since the source code hit the streets and have made some great progress. We should at least be seeing some early builds soon. Check out the pictures below!

We do not have images of CyanogenMod 9 just yet, but as always, it should look pretty similar to stock Android 4.0. Many of us have been loving CyanogenMod for its stability and “stock” feel, among other reasons. If you’re a CyanogenMod fan waiting to get your hands on CM9, the CM team has just given us a quick update of their progress with the Android 4.0 ROM[2].

To summarize, the Cyanogen team is still working hard on cooking this ROM up for their long list of supported devices. They do claim to have multiple devices with ICS already running, though and mention that the first devices to get this ROM will most likely be devices with OMAP4, MSM8660/7X30 and Exynos processiors. As well as some Tegra 2 devices, which they have already mentioned.

There’s some good news and some bad news about CyanogenMod 9, as well. Good news is that the CyanogenMod team has stated that Carrier IQ has not, is not, and will never be present in any CM ROMs[3]. The bad news is that not every device in the supported list will be able to run CyanogenMod 9 with ICS. There’s one device that will be left off the list: the good ol’ Motorola Droid (OG).

So, which is your ROM of choice? Will you be going with CM9 or MIUI? We thought it would be a great idea to make a poll, just to see where our readers stand on this dilemma. Please participate, and let us know your reasons in the comments section!


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