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Republic Wireless ditches ‘fair use policy’ and becomes first truly unlimited service provider

Republic Wireless

Looking for the best wireless service deal currently available? We suggest you take a second look at Republic Wireless. We’ve blogged about them a few  times, noting that the main drawback to the service provider’s “unlimited” data, sms and calling plan was that it wasn’t a true unlimited service. Republic Wireless had a “fair use policy” which implied unlimited service as long as the majority of your data consumption, phone calls, and text messages went over WiFi rather than its 3G network.

But after only a few short weeks, Republic Wireless has had a change of heart. In a new blog post, the service provider announced that customers will no longer be subjected to any thresholds — effectively making Republic Wireless the first carrier to offer true unlimited service for only $20 a month.

Rather than revising our fair use policy, we've decided not to have one at all. There will simply be no thresholds, and no risk of losing service. We're doing away with all of that to keep all of the focus instead on where it really belongs: Creating a new wireless future together. A future that is simple to understand, unfettered to use, and an amazing value for all. That's what we started down this path to do. That's where the power of this vibrant community, dynamic WiFi ecosystem and revolutionary technology should be investedBrianRepublic Wireless

We applaud the bold move by Republic Wireless and hope other small carriers will follow in their footsteps. We’re sure all of you  would love to pay only $20 a month for truly unlimited service, but are you willing to give up your high-end Android powered phone for an LG Optimus?

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Source: Republic Wireless

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