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T-Mobile COO: Let’s move along, Magenta will continue to be as awesome (Update – Sprint speaks)


Now that the AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile ordeal has ended, many Magenta customers may be wondering what the future holds. We know T-Mobile is not doing too well; that was a major reason their parent company wanted to sell them.

It seems Deutsche Telekom will get pretty much all the money AT&T owes T-Mobile for the breakup fee, and they will be using it for debt payments. Does this mean T-Mobile is out in the dust? Well, not exactly. Both carriers have reached a 7-year roaming agreement. This will allow T-Mobile customers to freely roam on AT&T’s UMTS network. T-Mobile has been future-proofing some devices to run on AT&T’s UMTS network (a bit odd, right?), so the next 7 years should be much better for T-Mo’ users.

According to Deutsche Telekom, this deal will expand T-Mobile USA’s coverage by about 50 million subscribers (from 230 to 280 million). This should give T-Mobile a good boost to get back on its feet, and it seems that is T-Mobile’s plan (unless they’re not telling us everything).

T-Mobile’s Chief Operations Officer Jim Alling has released a statement on the company’s official blog to informs us of what the future will be like for Magenta’s customers.

Dear T-Mobile Customers:

By now I am sure you have seen media reports that AT&T and Deutsche Telekom (DT) have mutually decided to terminate their agreement for AT&T to acquire T-Mobile USA. This announcement effectively ends the acquisition process launched March 20.

What does this mean for T-Mobile USA customers? Our focus is unchanged: make the latest mobile products and services affordable for everyone.

And there are many reasons to choose T-Mobile as your wireless provider:

Great Value. We’re offering our best plan ever — 2 lines for $49.99 each that includes voice, text and data (including 2GB at full-speed) on each line with a new 2-year agreement. We also now offer a Monthly4G no annual contract plan that gives you unlimited talk, text, and web (including 100MB at full-speed) for $50.

Compelling Products. We offer a great line-up of 4G smartphones. We continue to rapidly expand our selection of amazing and affordable 4G smartphones, tablets and other devices that make mobile internet service easy and affordable. This holiday, we have cutting edge smartphones including the 42 Mbps-capable HTC Amaze 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S II. In January, we will begin selling the Lumia 710, the first Windows Phone from Nokia for as low as $49.99 after mail-in rebate with a 2-year agreement on a qualifying plan.

America’s Largest 4G Network — now faster than ever. Whether you need driving instructions that are fast enough to keep up with your car, or want to stream a full-length movie uninterrupted, our 4G network delivers. We have expanded our 4G coverage to more than 200 million people in 208 markets and doubled speeds for nearly 180 million Americans in 163 markets.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, we appreciate your business and we will continue to focus on earning your loyalty every day.


Jim Alling
Chief Operations Officer
T-Mobile USA, Inc.

T-MobileJim AllingCOO of T-Mobile USA

With this, T-Mobile is basically saying “Move along guys, everything will stay the same.” If you have been worrying about the future of T-Mobile, things should stay the same. At least for the near future.

We never know what these companies might be planning in the background. Do you think T-Mobile has some sort of back up plan?


We know Sprint has always been against the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. They made it very clear since the beginning. Such a deal would harm competition, resulting in a worst situation for the consumer.

Sprint has also issued a formal statement, and they are glad to see that this merger did not go through. [1]

Earlier today, AT&T terminated its definitive merger agreement with Deutsche Telekom to acquire T-Mobile USA. This is the right decision for consumers, competition and innovation in the wireless industry.

From the beginning, Sprint has stood with consumers who spoke loudly and clearly that AT&T’s proposed takeover of T-Mobile would create an undeniable duopoly that would have resulted in higher prices, less innovation and fewer choices for the American consumer.

Sprint commends the Department of Justice, the Federal Communications Commission and the bi-partisan group of state attorneys general who gave voice to the concerns of consumers across the country. We look forward to competing fiercely in the robust, competitive market that exists today and continuing to deliver the world class service and products that consumers have come to expect from Sprint.Vonya B. McCannSenior Vice President of Government Affairs for Sprint


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