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T-Mobile is the most festive carrier these holidays; Musicals and giveaways galore

Every major US carrier is celebrating the holidays in its own way, but T-Mobile seems to be the most festive. There are white phones and good deals coming up from all other carriers, but T-Mobile has decided to make things a bit more exciting. Aside from wishing us a happy holiday, with their new commercials “Home for the Holidays” and “4G Wonderland,” they are also holding a fun “Find the Elf” game for those who want to earn a $1000 prize and a Samsung Galaxy S II with a full year of service.

The idea is that this Elf will be going from store to store during the holidays, where you will have to be the first one to find him. It is pretty much a scavenger hunt. In order to win, one must find the elf at one of the many participating T-Mobile stores in the country.

T-Mobile will send out tweets, giving you clues of where the elf happens to be at the moment. If you want to get these clues, simply follow @TMobile, and you can start hunting this little guy down. If you decipher the clues right, just head to the T-Mobile store where you believe this elf is located, and be the first to find him. After that, simply send @TMobile a tweet saying you have found the elf, and the goodies are yours!

Great musicals, good deals, and amazing prizes – Not a bad way to celebrate with your customers, T-Mobile! Take a look at the Find the Elf video below, and check out the official site for more details. After you are all set to start the scavenger hunt, sit back, relax and watch Carly and all the other girls in magenta.

What do you say? Are you guys participating? It might be worth the try!

Via: TMobile (Youtube)

Source: T-Mobile

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