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Day 12: Acer Iconia Tab A100


We’re a dozen days into the 25 Days of Tegra and we figured it was about time we showed some thanks to our contest host. To win today, you’ll need to send a thank you tweet to @NVIDIATegra.

The Prize: Acer Iconia Tab A100

Highlights of the device include a 7-inch Super AMOLED display, dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 8GB of internal storage, 5MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, 8.02.11 b/g/n/ Wi-Fi connectivity.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Entries will be accepted for 23 hours after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on the calendar page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

How to win

To enter to win today, all you need to do is send a tweet to @NVIDIATegra. Not only did they hook us up with a whole sack of awesome devices, they gave us complete control of the contest. We’ve had a blast setting up the daily giveaways and just wanted to make sure our contest host knows how much our community appreciated it.

To makes things simple, or if you’re just lazy, you can use the tweetbox below. If you’re a wild and crazy guy, try changing it up a bit. The only requirement is that you include a mention to @NVIDIATegra. After you’re done, come back and post a comment here to enter to win (yes, we’ll be checking the winner for a valid tweet). Please make sure that your Twitter handle is linked up to your And Me Account. We’ll be tracking the tweets with RowFeeder, a nifty little service for monitoring social action.

Winner announced, comments closed

Congrats to our winner, @techvudu, who just scored an Acer Iconia Tab A100 with his tweet:

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  1. I literally got a twitter just to enter contests like this, and now I use it to keep track of devs and bands :)

  2. Tweeted. Happy holidays!

  3. Another day, another tablet. Sweet. But when will see some Tegra phones for prizes?

  4. Its pretty cool from Nvidia

  5. Tweet sent.
    You guys are doing a great job giving away all these presents!

  6. I’m just hoping nobody reads my tweet and starts logging in to the site to get the tablets, too much competition ;-)

  7. twitted, commenting,… just have to win now!

  8. twitter done..i’m in! :)

  9. Tweeted, Good Luck

  10. Thanks for letting us participate in this free giveaway here in Europe. Usually it’s just US only.

  11. I’ve tweeted. Exhausted now.

  12. I tweeted a tweet so I can Ace the Acer tab!

  13. Now I just have to wait! =)

  14. Tweet has been Tweeted.

  15. Love these contests. Just wish I can win one.

  16. That’s just cool.

  17. Thanks for the contest!

  18. Android and Me has become my favorite Android site (and not just b/c of the awesome contests). I’m kicking myself for not following you guys sooner.

  19. Thats why we love nvidia! Great gifts!

  20. To save you the trouble :!/TheDannyBiker/status/146173897249783808

    And here’s my home address :

    Street of the Winner 100A
    7100 Galaxy TAB
    Google’s Galaxy (Nexus).

  21. Yep – it’s only at times like this my Twitter exists.

    It’s all about the G+

    Today’s tablet definably seems the worst, but I’m not complaining as any tablet is better than no tablet at all >_<

  22. it’s seems the tweet link button is not working when I used all 140 chars to tweet…So I pressed coupled of times, not sure if my tweets are going to be duplicated…pardon me

  23. Thanks a lot guys for doing these crazy contests!

    Never won any competitions in the last few years, so I hope I will be lucky with Android and Me :)

  24. Tweeted, That was super easy!
    Good Luck Everyone!

  25. Job done, fingers crossed :) thank you @NVIDIATegra !

  26. Tweeted!

    When will you be handing out the ipad? Naah.. just kidding..

    Keep up the great work and good luck everyone!

  27. Good luck for all and thk nvidia!

  28. I’ve read so many great reviews and comments about NVIDIA Tegra. It would be great to have a Tegra tablet. Even greater to Win one!! Thanks Androidandme and NVIDIA!!

  29. Tweeted. Good luck to everyone :)

  30. Tweet sent, lets hope I am lucky this time.

  31. I love the smaller tablets. Me me me :-P I’d love to win this for uni.

  32. Some really nice goodies in this giveaway, wouldn’t mind getting one (some? ;)) for xmas. :D

  33. Awesome contest that’s turned out to be a lot of fun.

  34. Congrats to Bpear96 as yesterdays winner. Remember that anyone can be a winner and theres no need for ⬇ -1 someones comment. So just like yesterday, I will ⇧ +1 everybody’s comment because their points can up their score to qualify for more prizes in next few days. Good luck to everybody, and theres about 12 days left so, theres still more chances to come. 😃 😉

  35. I’m very interested about this Acer. I think I will buy one if a can’t win it :)

  36. Tweeted! Oodles of luck to all.

    These giveaways have been really awesome. Thanks to both And Me and Nvidia for all of this. This is way better than an advent calendar of chocolate.

  37. Done I think this is only the second tweet I have ever sent.

  38. Entered the contest to win ;) wish me luck

  39. *Goes hunting for rabbit’s foot* Is it wabbit season?

  40. crossing fingers and everything else for some luck to win.
    …but good luck to everyone!

  41. WHOA, i just +1 375 comments — Good luck everybody!!

  42. sent my first tweet! :)

  43. There’s my tweet and now for the tablet!? Hopefully

  44. Done! I chose the “lazy” method since I just woke up and it’s Monday. :(

  45. Thanks nVidia! You guys rock!

  46. Would be a sweet win, especially with my Samsung Galaxy S crapping out on me.

  47. So many cool devices. Me want one :D

  48. Oh how I want a tablet.

  49. Welp, I did my part. Thankfully, I’m actually already following them from some past contests of some sort that I can’t remember as they were a while ago and I have the memory of a goldfish. Alas. So, what’s this contest for again?

  50. Maybe I’ll win this one.

  51. Done. Thanks for having an example already set up with a button to tweet it automatically so that I didn’t have to think too hard early on a Monday morning.

  52. Done!
    Tanks again nVidia!!!

  53. Tweet sent..hope i win

  54. Done and Done. This contest is the best advent calendar I’ve ever seen.

  55. Tweeted, now just have to win it :)

  56. Tweeted, twitted and all that jazz :)

  57. Honestly, I already have one of these, but I have 2 kids and they fight over it all the time so I could definitely use another one!

    7-inch screens are my preferred form factor.

  58. Tegra’s for the masses, thanks AndroidandMe

  59. Just tweeted at both Android and Me and NVIDIA thanking you both for the opportunity to win this. Thanks again and good luck to everyone. If not this one, I hope everyone wins something sometime soon. ^_^

  60. I have be-twittered.

  61. Yay good luck everyone :D

  62. Just sent my tweet and now leaving my post/comment..Good luck w/the promotion

  63. Maybe a win for me today?

  64. Never used twitter till a few months ago. Now use it all the time to keep up with Android and all the related sites.

  65. Thanks again for the contest Android and Me!

  66. Twittered my tweet and ready to twin…I mean win! Thanks guys! Merry Christmas!

  67. Twitter is not my thing. I haven’t figured out what its good for except to enter these contests.

  68. I use twitter only for contests like these

  69. One of the many reason why I got a twitter account

  70. this is the best giveaway/contest ever and i havent even won anything, yet! :)

    hope i win today!

  71. Tweet? Check. Comment? Check. Winner???

  72. awesome contest pretty excited about this

  73. Im loving the interconectivity between twitter and android!

  74. Maybe I will win this one

  75. This could be the one

  76. I’vetweeted now all I need is a rabbit out of a hat

  77. *prays for that tweet.*

  78. Awesome contest today!

  79. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to win.

  80. Let’s hope I get some luck this time..

  81. Nice, a small tablet!

  82. Win? Yes please!

  83. has erected a contest distortion field around his post. Now when the decider is looking for a winner, it will be stuck on me! :D

  84. tweeted out a couple of times!

  85. Thanks guys!!! This has been a great season for free stuff. Hope I get in on a tablet one of these days!

  86. Don’t forget to thank them for the great desktop GPUs they make. Thanks for all the Tegra devices, the sponsoring of the giveaway and the continuous innovation you brought the the computing market :)

  87. Thank you Nvidia and Androind And Me for allowing all us tech fans and Android fans to win some really awesome prizes. Good luck to everyone who entered today’s giveaway, and congratulations to the person who wins.

  88. I love this contest!! :-)

  89. Thanks Nvidia, our stuff. Anyway you can work your way into a MacBook Air? Please?

  90. No prize is worth using twitter

  91. ok – let’s try again – can i get an iconia tab for my stocking?

  92. please please android and me, save christmas for me!

  93. I sent my tweet. Now i’m just waiting for the email that says I won!

  94. Please be me!! I need a tab :)

  95. Boom goes the dynamite!

  96. And thanks to you too!

  97. hi! hope i win! thanks!

  98. Let’s hope I win!

    It’d be nice to get at least *one* thing for Christmas this year…

  99. Iconia Tab Pleassssseee!

  100. on the twelfth day of Christmas, Android and me sent to me…. hopeful a Acer iconia tablet A100 tablet =)

  101. I’ve resisted getting a twitter account until this contest haha

  102. Thanks to all, this is just awesome

  103. i’ll play your little game AndroidandMe.

  104. Just tweeted, u guys do an amazing job! Keep up with the good work :)

  105. Thanks as always! Good luck everyone!

  106. Sent in my tweet!! ;) thanks!!

  107. Nvidia is awesome for doing this

  108. Thanks @NVIDIATegra and AndroidandMe! Just awesome.

  109. Android and Me is part of the 5 site i check almost every day…

  110. I love Nvidia stuff!

  111. Tweeted @NVIDIATegra and tweeted score, now I’m all tweeted out…

  112. Tweeted and ready to win

  113. Definitely worth a thank you! nVidia are a pretty cool company.

  114. This tab looks SWEET…

  115. NVidia + AndroidAndMe = Awesomeness!

  116. Thanks for all of the different opportunities to win some cool schwag. Merry Christmas.

  117. This would be nice to have, a smaller tablet along side my TRANSFORMER PRIME (whenever the hell that gets here!)!!

  118. Nice piece of hardware.

  119. Would love to make it an Android Christmas! :)
    Already following Nvidia, awesome stuff.

  120. Here’s hoping for the best.

  121. Another awesome prize I’d like to win!!!

  122. This is now the 4th tweet I’ve left informing the 6 people who follow me what a great contest this is. And that makes a total of 6 tweets in the last year.

  123. Android & Me and Nvidia Tegra we love you guys.

  124. Tweeted and excited! Thanks for the contest and good luck all!

  125. NVIDIA is pretty awesome for sponsoring this contest. I hope I get a chance to win one of these so I can see how awesome they really are.

  126. Thanks for the great contest, and making it easy to make that tweet.

  127. Great contest, of course.

    And now we play the waiting game…

  128. Trying to win a tablet! Wonder if the last day will be a ridiculous gift!

  129. Thanks to androidandme and nvidia tegra for this awesome contest. Keep ‘em coming!

  130. Thanks for all the great prizes!

  131. On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
    An Acer Tab via shameless tweet.

  132. I would really like to see the power of tegra 2 on a tablet!

  133. Waiting for a Transformer Prime, but the more Android goodness the better!

  134. Tweeted and now fingers crossed!!

  135. The idea of a tweet is nice. Love the site also…

  136. I tweeted and am now commenting. Wait, whats the true past tense of “tweet?” Twit? Twat? Tweeted? HALP!

  137. Woohoo, another Tegra contest I can enter. Thank you guys!

  138. Nvidia does indeed rock for hooking you guys up like this. Now if I could just win one…

  139. MY only wish, is that Twitter would allow us to expound upon how we truly feel towards nVidia :) Darn Twitter and that 140character limit!


    All in all, whether any of us wins something or not, the community here seems to have less of the ‘***hattery’ that exists elsewhere, and I’m happy to be a member.

    Now then… bring on Xmas!!

  140. Hope to win this. Good luck everyone!

  141. I like this 25 days deal. I would like to win this since I found out my wife couldn’t get through to buy me a touchpad (which I would’ve ported to android anyhow)

  142. I checked this tablet out at the store one the weekend and I was really surprised how well it worked. I’ve been using a SGT10.1 for 6 months now and this little guy was just as snappy and responsive. It is a lot thicker but that’t not really and issue because it feels good in your hand.

    I would really like this tablet for on the go.

  143. Another great Day to be a AndroidandMe Fan!

  144. Great gift. Thanks for the opportunity!

  145. Thanks!! This would make Christmas Amazing!!

  146. WOO come on I really want just one thing!

  147. Merry Christmas to me? would love one

  148. Ding fries are done! Ding fries are done!

  149. Hopefully they cross check the tweet with an active member. It would be pretty lame for some spambot to win just because it retweeted someone’s feed.

  150. More tablets more fun!

  151. Thanks to android and me, and tegra. Even If i dont win anything, I appreciate the way you guys support the community. Happy Holidays

  152. Just tweeted! G’luck everyone.

  153. Thank to NVidia and Android and Me.

  154. Thanks guys! This is amazing!

  155. Done. Good luck to everyone.

  156. I was lazy and I used the provided tweetbox.

  157. Sent my tweet now send me my prize!!!

  158. tweeted ! NVIDIA personnaly told me i’d win this one. its true ! ;)

  159. Just put our review on Zen Pinball THD which is optimized for Nvidia Tegra. So that was good timing. Check our the review here,

  160. I can’t wait for Android tablet to start programming 3D games. I hope Android And Me is faster than Santa :-)

  161. My tweet is in the interwebs, now so is my comment. Hopefully my Acer will be in the mail soon ;)

  162. sent my thanks. good luck guys

  163. woo pick me! go android and me!

  164. Left my tweet, now crossing my fingers =)

  165. hope i win this would be awesome!!!

  166. thanks to android and me and nvidia. gl guys.

  167. I want a tablet under my Christmas tree.

  168. Thanks for the awesome giveaways! Just signed up to android and me for this tablet!

  169. Always thought the 7-inch form factor to be appealing.

    That’s what she said!

  170. I like androidandme’s utilization of Twitter.

  171. This us such a fun contest! Thanks to both of you for hosting this and for a chance to win such great prizes!

  172. Tweeted, maybe more luck today. In to win.:)

  173. tweeted on my twitter to my tweeps

  174. Come on Android Santa! Bring me a tablet this year!

  175. Ok, so I let you guys win the last contests, but this one is mine.

  176. Tweet sent

    @NVIDIATegra you guys rock. Hooking Android and Me up with all kinds of devices to give away. Making 25 people’s Xmas that much better.

    Just hoping I’m one of those 25 people. Seriously, whose palm do I gotta grease (no homo) to get a little contest lovin’?

  177. tweeted. great contest cheers to both NVIDIA & And Me.

  178. I would love this one. I bought this tablet for my son and now I want one for myself :)

  179. Like stealing candy from a baby…

  180. I feel bad, I’ve had a life for the past few days, and I’ve missed out on a couple days of the contest. Tweet accomplished, I’m back in the game!

  181. Tweeted, maybe I will get lucky and win one=)

  182. I didn’t realize that Nvidia made the processors in this many different Android devices. They must be doing pretty good for themselves right now.

  183. Sweet!! I love Android and Me!! Best android site on the web.

  184. Now there’s 3 amazing things: Twitter, NVIDIA and Android and Me!

    Here’s my tweet:!/goncalossilva/status/146253844987379712

    Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  185. Tweet sent, and I’m still waiting for my BIG win!

  186. I’ve posted in the required 2 places. Speaking of 2, that reminds me of poop.

  187. Tweeted and commented :)

  188. These are too awesome to pass up.

  189. Got my tweet done. Now just gonna have to wait for the results. But if I cross my fingers any harder they’re gonna break. :O)

  190. I am really looking into winning this one.

  191. Tweeted, now I just need a new tablet.

  192. I tweeted. All i am doing now is crossing my fingers and hope that i get picked.

  193. I’ve been a long time Nvidia exclusive fan, time to win! :D

  194. Before this contest, I didn’t even know how to type … Thanks to android and me, I’m up to 2 tweets a week.

  195. Still crossing my fingers to win!

  196. Tweet sent, ready to win :D


  198. Done. This would be an awesome way to make the hours fly by on the train everyday.

  199. I dont really understand twitter, it seems stupid to me, but I guess can be justified for some people.

  200. Hope I can in a Tegra tablet this year!
    Happy Holidays!

  201. Tweet has been sent. And I have to agree that hey NVIDIA is badass for helping with this contest.

  202. I maked a tweet:!/tet3/status/146261828295589888
    I sure would love one of these nice tablets!

  203. I tweeter’d! I can has tablet??

  204. Thank you NVIDIA and Android and Me!

  205. sent the tweet, maybe this one will be mine.

  206. Twitter is proving to be better than I anticipated.

  207. Tweeted. Thanks for doing these contests.

  208. I have a LOVE-HATE relationship with these kind of contests.
    I hate signing up for social networking sites, but I love NVIDIA products.

    Guess who has a twitter account now.
    and now, you do too.

  209. Great idea about giving thanks. Way to go NVIDIA Tegra!

  210. I’ve always had a strong dislike of twitter but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  211. Thanks for running these contests!

  212. Thank you NVIDIA Tegra!