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Day 19: Galaxy Tab 8.9 (32GB)


Whewww! We finally made it to the final week of the 25 Days of Tegra and boy do we have some awesome stuff lined up for you guys. We’re starting today by revisiting the prize from Day 1, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, but this time around we’ve doubled up to the 32 GB model so you’ll have even more room for all your media and pictures and whatever else you guys cram on a tablet.

The Prize: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 (32GB)

Highlights of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 include an 8.9-inch LCD display, a dual-core 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor, 1 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage, 3 MP rear camera, 2 MP front camera, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Entries will be accepted for 23 hours after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on the calendar page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

How to Enter

As a continued throwback to Day 1, we’re going to make entering today super easy. Simply leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win. Multiple comments are allowed on this post, but each user will only be counted once. The winner will be chosen at random, so don’t bother downvoting each other.

We’re kicking off the final week and things are only going to get bigger from here on out, so stay tuned. If you’d like to help us spread the word, you can use the tweetbox below:

Winner announced, comments closed

Congrats to our winner, Fede! If that’s not you, stay tuned!

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  1. Oh this would be so nice under the tree!

  2. W00t! Free stuff? Still an Android fan, despite some bad experiences lately (g2x anyone? blech)

  3. Still wishing to be a winner!

  4. This would be the best Christmas gift ever!

  5. Looking forward to unwrapping this Christmas morning… especially since Amazon just randomly cancelled my Transformer Prime order! :(

  6. I’ve used a Galaxy Tab 10.1″ at work and it’s great!

  7. This is the ONLY thing I have wanted this season… AAM, please make this poor old soul happy.

  8. I can participate again! Thanks guys, a good old reader, from Hungary…

  9. I would love to have on of these for Christmas. Had a play with one in the shops and seems the perfect size!

  10. Can i have it please?

  11. The Galaxy tablet would make christmas truly awesome!

  12. Sweetness, maybe this is my lucky day

  13. Don’t disappoint me, random number generator.

  14. Tab me! 8.9 form factor’s pretty much perfect.

  15. Count me in. This would be awesome!! Thanks for the contest, I hope I win! I :p

  16. Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Galaxy Tab? My friends all have iPads, I must make amends. Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends, So Lord, won’t buy me a Galaxy Tab….

    or you could let me win one from A&M….

  17. Awesome tablet. Goodluck!

  18. Yes please, thank you kindly!

  19. I really would like to win this tablet!

  20. Yes, Please and Thank You!

  21. Make my Xmas the best Xmas!

  22. Lucky number 19. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes

  23. I would love to own one of these bad boys.

    Merry Christmas

  24. Make my 20th birthday/Christmas a great one!!

  25. John Lennon would approve

  26. The perfect tool for me to find a new job.

  27. Toys! I want all of them toys, especially this one!

  28. This would go nice with my new Galaxy Nexus!

  29. Thank you for these great giveaways. Merry Christmas!

  30. ٩(●̮̮̃-)۶

  31. Hi I’m needle, welcome to the haystack.

  32. That would go with my Nexus, my wife’s Nexus, my Tab 10.1, my son’s Charge, my 2 Samsung cable boxes, my Samsung TV, and my 3 Samsung blu ray players…

  33. We all have a chance to win ! ;)

  34. Thanks for the great giveaway-have a great Christmas/any other holiday!!

  35. Thanks to Android and Me for the awesome giveaways!

  36. This would be an awesome Christmas present!

  37. That thing would fit perfect with the nursery at the bottom of my christmas tree :D

  38. me me me erm…. me?

  39. This would be an awesome gift!

  40. Oh man. This would make my Christmas.

  41. That is some sexy tech! Have a great holiday!

  42. Nice! Would love one of these.

  43. <10" screen size is win!

  44. I love giveaways! Although I never win anything. QQ

  45. Wow thats an amazing gift

  46. Thanks for the opportunity ;)

  47. I love the giveaways, but I never knew how it worked. How can sites give away such expensive items like this all month long?

  48. Yay, I can enter this one! :)

  49. Would absolutely love to have this one. I think it’s the perfect blend of size and power for a tablet.

  50. this would be a dream come true..but odds are looking bad..

  51. I’ve had my eye on getting a Galaxy Tab for a while now. A free one would be freakin sweet!

  52. I would absolutely love to win a galaxy tab I don’t have a tab or anything with android this would rock

  53. The odds aren’t too bad. ^^

  54. good luck to everyone and enjoy the holiday

  55. Perfect gift to give to my Mom!

  56. Most definitely would love to win. PLEASE!

  57. Sweet screen size. not too big, not too small

  58. challange accepted,for god knows how many time, Y U NO GIVE ONE ALREADY

  59. My wife would love this!

  60. Go on, I could do with something nice under the tree, that’ll beat socks!!! Thanks.

  61. I would love to win this, It would make my Christmas extra special :)

  62. Woooooooo holidays! WOuld be a un toy to have during my holday vacation

  63. This would be a great addition to the family

  64. I WANT THIS TAB!!!! ^__^

  65. Since I have been naughty, this would be the only Christmas present I will be getting!

  66. I wanna win. I love the tab 8.9

  67. I’m ready for a tab!

  68. Wow it would be amazing to win this, this is the perfect tablet for me, here is my Christmas wish, win this tablet, would be incredible, can’t wait for results, here’s hoping.

  69. A galaxy tab would make a great Christmas gift!

  70. another chance, hope this one pays off

  71. This would be a fantastic present for the fam!

  72. I hope this Galaxy isn’t far, far, away….

  73. this would be amazing!!!!

  74. Wow so many comments and counting!

  75. I want one under my X-Mas Tree! It would be so nice to see the face of everyone looking at my Galaxy Tab!

  76. I for one welcome our new robot overlords……oh wait, wrong thread.

  77. This would be a great early christmas present.

  78. Well… I need this

  79. I would love to win this, it would make a great Christmas gift!!!!!

  80. I really want this, hope I win! Thanks for the contest :D

  81. I could do with one of those…

  82. A Galaxy Tab 8.9 for Christmas would be great, very great :-)

  83. If I was ever given an iPad (be it that I won one or was given one as a present), I’d eBay it and buy one of these. ^_^

  84. I love that that the 8.9 has the same resolution screen as the 10.1. It seems like the perfect size.

  85. Galaxy Tab 8.9 under my tree please!

  86. merry christmas!!!!!!

  87. Merry Chirstmas everyone! :)

  88. I hope this lands under my tree, because my Dell Streak 7 just broke and now I am without a tablet (

  89. Fingers crossed again….

  90. this would make a great gift for my mom! pick me please?!

  91. First off, Merry Christmas! Hope everything goes well for all. Second, I was about to buy my friends first gen galaxy tab, but I’d much rather have the new one (don’t have the money to afford it unfortunately) so i’m keeping my fingers crossed! :D

  92. Still doesn’t hurt to try, does it? Always worth a post to get a tablet.

  93. Come on Santa, bee good to me!

  94. Lets save me some money this xmas season. Thanks.

  95. always worth a try.

  96. This is me commenting. Comment, comment, comment.

  97. Oooo…I’d like this!

  98. The odds are against me but I feel very good about this one. Have a Merry Christmas to all my Android and Me fans!

  99. My fingers are crossed!

  100. Merry Christmas ;)

  101. Ticket for door prize, check.
    Now where’s the punch?

  102. Oh, I want this one so bad!

  103. Oh yes … I want one

  104. Please please please pick me!

  105. Im 12 and what is this?

  106. this would MAKE my christmas!!@!!

  107. This would be the ideal xmas and birthday present . Thanks

  108. what a gift that would be…for me of course!!!

  109. This or the kindle fire … PLEASE make my Christmas with a Galaxy Tab!!

  110. Forgot to say please

  111. May I have it as a Christmas present, p

  112. Will drop my own loot when SamSung make this with Super Amoled Display in 720p. Until then I am just hoping for a free one. Sure will give it a good life in my hand.

  113. Yes, please. Bring Whale Trail to Android and my wife will never grab my iPad again :)

  114. May I have it as a Christmas present, please?

  115. Merry Christmas everyone!

  116. It’s snowing outside. Have a good holiday!

  117. Extra shiny! Looks like this last week is going to be *awesome*.

  118. Would love a new Galaxy Tab!

  119. Did we just become best friends?

  120. I would love one of these, I was looking forward to a Tegra 3, but that isn’t happening for a while

  121. this is my dream tablet, ive been stalking your site for a while

  122. What a nice (albeit late) Christmas gift!!!

  123. this would greatly improve my work flow

  124. I hope I win this one :(

  125. This would help my studying a lot! And also this would be my best Christmas present!

  126. I wouldn’t put this UNDER the tree. I would use to RUN THE TREE!

    With the GE Color Effects LED bulbs and an Android compatible Arduino shield, I’d be sure to have to coolest tree Santa has EVER graced with presents :-)

  127. I would love to get win this. but i never win anything lol :P

  128. I’ll take it of your hands.

  129. YAY! I can enter again.

  130. we needsss the 8.9 preciousssssesss

  131. Please include me in this drawing.

  132. It’d be nice to win. My birthday is on 29th. I’ll cross my fingers for now.

  133. I hope Santroid comes with this gift for me… I have been good this year!

  134. Now this would be a great Christmas gift!

  135. Pick me pick me…the perfect present now i turned my back on the fruit company

  136. This website it great. You provide on topic articles with what I am looking for! Keep up the awesome work!

  137. if i win this, i might retire my hp touchpad already.

  138. It looks beautiful in black! Would look even nicer under my Christmas tree XD

  139. Wow. Great Giveaway. I would love this!!!

  140. This is one if the best tablets in the market, regarding to size, performance and weight.

  141. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Looks sick!!

  142. Would be a nice gift for the wife.

  143. I’ve been wanting this for a while. I’m so in! :-D

  144. Let’s try ‘n’ make that comment to see if it’s gonna be interesting!

  145. I would like to thank the academy for this oscar. oops wrong acceptance speech.

  146. Santa needs to put this under the tree!

  147. I want one! please Santa?? I’ve been good :)

  148. I’ll throw my name in for consideration.

    *cross fingers*

  149. This would be so much better than my wife’s original Tab!

  150. My chances became smaller. I am weak, I couldn’t wait and just have bought Asus Transformer. But dear Random Lord if I won I’ll help Santa and present the tablet to somebody who was very polite this year.

  151. Sick Tab, please send it to Europe!

  152. looks like an osam tab….this can make holidays rocking

  153. I so want a Galaxy Tab to go with my Galaxy Nexus I am buying on Friday!!

  154. Dear wonderful, brilliant amazing competition winner selector. Please, Please, Please. Me sir, me!

    By the way android and me you’re the best.

    Nothing like a bit of grovelling.

  155. Boom! Enter me to Win this one!

  156. i wanna win this little bugger so i can rock some GTA III on the road…hook me up!

  157. I really want this tablet! ICS is amazing on the nexus s!

  158. this… is… awesome…

  159. Here’s hoping! *fingers crossed*

  160. I would love this Tablet for my daughter.

  161. Wishing myself So much luck!

  162. Ive been wanting one of these so bad …merrychristmas

  163. Please be good to me, I’ve been trying to comment for awhile servers keep crashing.. Guess that’s what happen when we all want to win

  164. If I Win, More Technology, More Android .. Whoever wins is lucky

  165. Thanks for having this contest.

  166. OMG!!! Only a week left…
    This week’s giveaway shall be awesome
    Save the best for last

  167. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Hopefully I’ll get lucky. …Please let me get lucky :)

  168. Here’s hoping the second time is the charm.

  169. would really like to play with this kid ;)

  170. And you know I’ve been preventing myself from winning, right?
    So I have a chance at winning something awesome this week

  171. This would be great to play around on while being bored at Christmas.

  172. I played with one of these today. Whoever wins is gonna have a pretty great tablet.

  173. I wud rlly like to win!

  174. I played with one of these today. Whoever wins is gonna get themselves a pretty great tablet.

  175. As of right now I like the odds of 1 in 1700, so come on and make this my lucky day.

  176. The 8.9 looks like a sweet tablet. This would be awesome to carry around. Good luck to all!

  177. This is the one I’ve been waiting for. Hoping to win!

  178. I would be so happy to have this since I am stuck with a company iPad right now

  179. A tablet would be a saving grace. Our computer at home just died, so we are in need of some online connection other than a Wii. Crossing my fingers. . .

  180. I hope you guys give away a transformer prime on dec. 24. This way if i win i can wake up and see my christmas present online instead of under the tree

  181. Ok, let’s see if I have any chance :)

  182. I can’t believe it’s the final week already! Merry Christmas to all and I hope the winners all enjoy their free presents.

  183. my favorite size galaxy tab…..thanks

  184. Can I have it, please?

  185. Just heard about this contest, would love to have this to replace my busted Xoom.

  186. The best size ever for a tablet! Hope whoever gets it appreciates it.

  187. I finally test drove a Galaxy Tab the other day, and I’m IN LOVE. Please, Santa….?

  188. Hopefully I get something out of this 25 day funness

  189. I hope to get something good this season =)

  190. That would be the perfect Christmas gift

  191. I’d really love to have a Galaxy Tab 8.9 to give me a sense of what a pure Android tablet is all about. I’ve played with an iPad but I’d like to see what the state of Android tablets are.

  192. Woohoo, another one I can enter.

  193. Oh man. I really really really want one!

  194. Happy Holidays everyone! I will take one under my tree this Christmas!

  195. I’m a WINNER baby!!!!! :)

  196. This one’s a winner!

  197. Here’s hopin’!

  198. Merry Christmas everybody! And let the most random comment win!

  199. Oh yes pleeeeaaaase :)

  200. Great contest. Hope to win.

  201. Can`t wait for it to receive this for free in Romania :D That would be something!

  202. Winning this would be so cool!

  203. I need this to replace the potatoe i’m surfing on.

  204. I would like this
    Thanks in Advance,

  205. Love it. Considered this my entry.

  206. I would love this tablet!

  207. I hope I can get this I’m in love with it. <3

  208. oh this one would be perfect for me. I played with it at the BBQ and fell in love

  209. Thx for the opportunity of letting the newby’s enter (: , NOt ONly that but letting Canadian’s , European’s, and Australian’s Enter to, Judging by population and restriction’s to USA only I Doubt that that many (Canadian’s, European’s, or Australian’s) have won yet. So GOOd Luck to em.

    P.S. Let not forget

    Donate to your food bank plz, Sacrificing a gift even to feed the poor is a great thing to do, and i would hold the up-most respect to you, Id respect you more if you donated the money then if you bought one of the new epic phone’s.

    HappY Holiday’s!

  210. It’s not often I win stuff, so I hope this contest will be different. :)

  211. I would never have to touch the kids i*ad again!


    Ps. Donate TO YOUR FOOD BANK

  213. I would love to get that :)

  214. I gotta say this one is an easy one! Thank you androidandme!

  215. Good luck everyone, to each his own!

  216. 8.9 inches of dual-core goodness under the tree? Faints….thanks Androidandme for holding this contest. Even if i don’t win, I appreciate you guys going the extra mile to let your readers experience that which you write about on a daily basis.

  217. Happy holidays. You guys are awesome for giving all this stuff away!

  218. I would love to win. This would be amazing.

  219. This would be a perfect gift for Christmas.

  220. Very nice gadget, I don’t have any tablet, so winning this would be a dream come true. Good luck everyone!

  221. Samsung makes beast devices!

  222. wow nice to win this baby!

  223. That is a rather awesome gift, I’m still stuck with my Desire so this would be a huge step up :)

  224. I want this tablet so bad!

  225. i really really want to win this tablet …

  226. WOOHOO!!!! Android tablets FTW!! :D

  227. I would love to be able to use this alongside the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that my wife has.

  228. i guess ill take this on then

  229. Chances of winning are about 1/2000, but it can’t hurt to try :)

  230. This would make my holidays a little brighter.

  231. That would be awesome to have.

  232. Now the gifts have improved once again!

  233. I’d love to see this warming my living room.

  234. Why would one down vote someone on a contest page – not cool