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Tegra day 6: Toshiba Thrive


We’re closing in on the end of our first week of the 25 Days of Tegra, and yesterday it felt really good to get to know you guys. Today, we’re taking it a step further and asking you to link your Twitter account for a chance to win.

The Prize: Toshiba Thrive

Highlights of the device include a 10.1-inch LED screen with an 800×1280 resolution, 1 GHz dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 1 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, 5 MP rear-facing camera, 2 MP front-facing camera, 720p video recording, full-size SD card slot, full-size USB and mini-USB ports, and a full-size HDMI port. The real stars of the show here are all the full-size ports and slots, which make this tablet an absolute workhorse.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Entries will be accepted for 23 hours after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on the calendar page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

How to win

Similar to yesterday’s instructions, to enter to win today, you’ll need to head over to the Edit Profile page and make sure that you’ve got your Twitter account linked up. We won’t send a tweet, in fact we’ll never do that without your permission, we just want to know another way to get in touch with you guys. We’ve also got a handful of features coming soon that will make use of your Twitter account, like the ability to use your Twitter avatar around the site and the ability to show your recent tweets on your user profile page.

This giveaway is just a little way to give some users a head-start on this new functionality. If you’ve successfully linked a Twitter account, you’ll be able to leave a comment below. If you’ve not yet done so, you’ve still got time to do so on the Edit Profile page.

Winner announced, comments closed

Congrats to our winner, Jared. If that’s not you, stay tuned, we’ve got plenty more goodies on the way!

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  1. oh cool didn’t even know i could link twitter to this

  2. twitter account set :)

  3. Linked and ready to go!

  4. Looking forward to see what you guys will do with this new Twitter integration.

  5. great prize for me

  6. lets see if today is my day.

  7. Yay, I get to play again! I remember entering to win one of these here on Android and Me, it was the Nvidia #shotbyme contest. Hope I win it this time around.

  8. Linked, good luck everyone!

  9. They are making it easy. I already had Twitter connected.

  10. Linked the day I created my account. :)

  11. Ah twitter, thanks for helping me with many things!

  12. I really want to win this!!

  13. Twitter linked, i’m ready to win this thing :)

  14. I knew that Twitter will help me get some prize.

  15. Linked yesterday :)

  16. I just did it. I never really use my twitter account though. does this mean any comment I type it will show up on twitter? anyway I hope I win!

  17. Linked my twitter! I also twitted my score!

  18. Follow me @KiloSmash

  19. I am starting to think that this give-away stuff is not for real… hope I am wrong.

  20. This is a sweet tablet.

  21. This is one of my favourite tablets till date

  22. Done! – What a great way to lead up to Christmas

  23. added my twitter as well, still in it for my sister in law

  24. Ok, this one is for me!!!

  25. another day, another chance :DDDDDDD linked!

  26. Mission accomplished

  27. We are so lucky to have these guys handing out free tech AND writing great articles all the time. Thanks!

  28. and now I’m linked

  29. Unfortunately this contest only open to residents of the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Im living at Asia :(

  30. At least this will be mine!

  31. Was already linked :)

  32. Hi !
    Maybe there is a mistake… I didn’t win nothing yet…

  33. This contest is really turning into an awesome way to get people to use all the features of the site, great idea guys.

  34. If I get Thrive I promise to tweet from it ;D

  35. Allright. Done. Maybe today :)

  36. All linked and ready to win!

  37. Done! I want a Thrive ;)

  38. Twitter account linked! Now, how about that Toshiba Thrive please :)

  39. this time I’ll win .. I can feel it

  40. no I’ll win, it’s my precious.. NEEEED

  41. Same here, I didn’t even know I could link Twitter. I would LOVE to win this one! Tweet me all you like! ;)
    I tweeted my score as well.

    Go AaM!

  42. Mine is now linked as suggested.

  43. Send me this please.

  44. This way please ;-)

  45. Well this is a good tablet.

  46. I already had my account linked ;)

  47. Done! Love this prize!

  48. Already linked my twitter some time ago! Would love to get my hands on this tablet! :-)

  49. Done. Your turn now – select my comment, please ;)

  50. yeah!!! waiting for one :)

  51. I am enjoying the fun of this and a big well done to the lucky winners

  52. Android and Me linked forever :-)

  53. Here in Belgium its “Sinterklaas” today, its when they give presents to the children. I may not be a child no more, but would like this fine tablet :)

  54. I’m. Linked and ready to go. GREAT tablet, please pick me!

  55. Oooh my first tablet was a Toshiba (M400) I still use it now!

  56. already done that yesterday

  57. ” Sure, mom, I settle down with a nice girl every night, then I’m free the next morning. ” T.D.

  58. Bring on all those awesome ports!!

  59. Linked and ready to receive tablet!

  60. This really is a great competition.

  61. Maybe it’s my lucky day.

  62. I really wanted the Asus yesterday, but this will do.

  63. This really is a really great competition.

    I hope I win this one!! #excited #hopeful #deluded

  64. And now i can use single sign on with twitter?

  65. Finally, I got a chance to win as well..great competition though, may the luckiest one win :D gl hf :)

  66. Done – that was easy enough :)

  67. Linked, but it’s not like I actually use my Twitter.

    Shame this device isn’t as good as previous days, but I haven’t got a tablet at all >_< So any decent tablet will do please :p

  68. I’m starting to get discouraged. 3 out of 3 of the give aways that don’t require seniority were given to elite members. Not a single 0 or 1 score member. I’ll test my theory after the next 2-3 that don’t require high ratings or long memberships.

    • Actually 2 of them were 0 when they won but have gone up since. Amd none of the prizes have gone to senior members.

    • Sorry Dan But you are incorrect there.. I have been a member of this board for more than 2 years and by far the most active with the highest score. I have yet to win anything, ever! not even a tshirt. How do you think senior members here feel seeing all of a sudden sign ups or those who were signed up but havent posted in a looong time all of a sudden show up for just contests and win them.Then never return until the next contest?! How are we to feel?! 90 percent of the users who come and sign up for a contest never return to post on topics until they see the word “contest” come from Androidandme’s twitter account! If you ask me it should be reward your loyalists before you reward the newbies walking through the door

      • Fair enough =), I didn’t realize the score had been changing that frequently. Even my 0 turned to a 3 with just you guys talking to me. I haven’t been a member for a long time, but I’ve been reading this blog for over a year.
        Best of luck.

  69. Oh wow, nice feature to get connected with twitter!

    I would like to win this!!!

  70. Linked and ready to win! ;)

  71. Yummy, that is one shiny tablet.

  72. Let me win something for a change would ya :)

  73. yup already linked…follow me @TUG265

  74. Ok, this time I will win something? LOL

  75. Bring on the tegra toys

  76. ok I’m linked now

  77. The thrive is ugly, but I’ll take it

  78. great stuff…hope the best luck

  79. I’m all twittered up! Would love to win this device, thanks for the opportunity. You guys are the coolest.

  80. Two thumbs up for the prizes. They just get better and better.

  81. pls let me win this! lol :D

  82. Let’s go for a thrive !

  83. That wasn’t hard at all.

  84. Let’s try to win some of your amazing gadgets!!

  85. and here we go again

  86. I dont think i had seen the specs on this tab before, pretty darn good.

  87. First time I see this tablet, very interesting characteristic.
    Good luck everyone.

  88. tweeting twit twit
    another thing i already had on my profile.
    so here is to karma
    i am hoping to win so i can give this to my mother for christmas
    she’s giving me everything
    and i want to give it all back but i just cant afford it on my college student part time job pay
    so this would be perfect
    she really needs a portable computer
    she’d love it
    and i’d love to get it to her

    thanks guys!

  89. I think that this tablet doesn’t exist in Portugal, but I don’t mind, at all, to be the only person having one of these in my country :P

  90. Easy as pie :) let’s see now how the cookie crumbles!

  91. Twitter linked, tablet looks hot, let the games begin

  92. Looks good, don’t think they are even available in denmark…

  93. Linked and in (but not LinkedIn).

  94. Android And Me have been connected since day 1

  95. Let’s try again!

  96. This would make a nice present for christmas!

  97. As good a time as any to stop lurking and start participating!

  98. This will be a perfect Christmas present. :D

  99. 🎼 its beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎶

  100. Linked and wishing i could thrive in life…

  101. well at least i get to try out twitter finally! lol

  102. So far I have only not been able to enter one of the contests

  103. Anotherday, another chance!

  104. Please include me in this drawing. I need this to keep my sanity!

  105. Linked, and good luck

  106. Twitter keeps me up with all the Android and me news!

  107. ready for my tablet, good luck too all

  108. “full-size ports” <- DO WANT!

  109. Hm…. sounds nice :D

  110. I’m really starting to wonder what’s going to be given away on Christmas day… 1 of all of the prizes?

  111. That thing looks sweet like honeycomb…mmmmm honeycomb…

  112. I created my Twitter to win one of your contests about a year ago, guess its going to come in handy again!

  113. At least once,please!

  114. i don’t like twitter , but a i have a dormant account for this kind of stuff

  115. Nice tablet this one, good luck everybody!

  116. Hey guys. Twitters been active since the day you made it lol

  117. i would love to have an android tablet

  118. Already linked to my twitter account from day 1 :)

  119. :D twitter is now linked. I even had to reset my password as I forgot it. But now :) it’s linked

  120. I link my twitter account half a week ago =)

  121. Done i want the thrive

  122. Good to go thanks for another great chance

  123. Good luck, everyone. I’m loving these contests.

  124. Let’s see how this goes :)

  125. I know this Twitter account will come to pay off one day. Hooked up with Twitter about 18 months ago. Haven’t won anything yet. Here’s hopin for a Thrive!

  126. Good Luck everyone and congratulation to everyone that has won previously. I’m crossing my fingers that I win soon :)

  127. Ha! I was already ready for this one!

  128. Set and ready to go!

  129. Done! Can I have my tablet now, pretty please?

  130. Maybe today will be my lucky day.

  131. Already done – piece of cake :)

  132. AndroidandMe is SO Awesome!

  133. One more try, at the Prize, hope it’s this time.
    By the way, waiting to see those new features.

  134. I linked it yesterday when I added my name :)

  135. Linked. Why don’t any of these contests ever require a link to MySpace? I’m sure Tom would love a chance at a Thrive.

  136. Awesome site! First place I come to for Android updates. Keep up the great work!

  137. Can’t believe you can go on for 2 more weeks with all those awesome gifts everyday!

  138. 6th time’s the charm!

  139. I did this a while ago. Twitter <3

  140. Sweet.I’m. Good to go..

  141. I’m linked and ready. I would love to win one of these!

  142. I attached twitter, but don’t use it. Twitter is on the way out….

  143. This is one I wouldn’t mind not winning… lol but if I do I’ll make sure I give it someone in need!

  144. I’m in need. I’ll keep it all for myself.

  145. This is the best giveaway I’ve ever seen and we haven’t even been going more than a week! And I know it’s only gonna get better

  146. Linked and ready to win!

  147. I don’t ever use twitter but my account is now linked

  148. Finally, a contest open to European users too. I am in. I could really use a powerful tablet as this one.

  149. Linked it and ready to receive my gift!

  150. Here goes nothin! Maybe the 6th time is the charm? I would be VERY grateful if I won the Toshiba Thrive or ANYTHING for that matter!

  151. Ok… twitter is online. I’d love this one too. This would be a great tablet!

  152. First thing I did when I created my account. I love websites that let you connect your Twitter account. Good luck everyone! This looks like a great prize!

  153. Maybe this time I’ll get lucky!

  154. linked! hope i in i love how the tab has full sized USB ports without the need for a dock or adapter.

  155. Tweet away! Good luck everyone!

  156. This is an excellent tablet! Good luck to you all.

  157. This is an excellent tablet!

  158. Interesting Design and Cool features..:D

  159. nice integration…. i look forward to using it

  160. 1700:1 that it will be me, it’s got to be me!

  161. Toshiba Thrive Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!

  162. Yay for more tablets! What a Christmas season!

  163. Not too bad. Enjoying these daily contests.

  164. Done-diddly-done!!!

  165. Here I go again!! lol, sorry couldn’t resist a theme song, especially from white snake.

  166. You’re the best androidandme!

  167. Can’t wait to find out if I win. Linked up!

  168. Good luck again everyone

  169. Yeah Baby. Good luck to all again! Hope St. Nick will drop off a late present tonight. :-)

  170. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

  171. I’ve wanted a Thrive ever since you guys showed it off earlier this year. Crossing my fingers and props on the new features on the site!

  172. I have no followers…

  173. well ill enter this contest again so I can be let down by tomorrow morning to see someone else won. tear sniffle sniffle tear