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Steam for Android allows you to chat with friends, throw money at your screen


As a PC gamer, this one hits a little closer to home. Steam is a powerful and huge PC gaming community and store which allows you to purchase games and play them with a variety of friends who use Steam’s platform. In fact, several games released today require that you use Steam in order to play them. I’ve spent countless hours (and countless dollars) on Steam, and keep my Paypal account funded in case I want to buy the latest and greatest game out there.

Steam has announced today that they’re even more eager to take my money, and have released an Android application that provides users the ability to chat with online friends, browse community groups/user profiles, read the latest gaming news, and shop the infinite abyss that is the Steam Store (including the almost-daily sales they offer).

We’ve been waiting for Steam to drop on Android for a while now, as the solutions that 3rd party developers have been dropping in the market thus far have been very limited in nature. Steam has unleashed a fully-featured option that provides everything the PC gamer needs while on the go.

Needless to say, if you utilize Steam in any way, shape, or form, you should drop everything and head over to the market right now to give it a download. However, you should probably be prepared to tell your Android phone to shut up and take your money frequently.

Update: It appears the Steam Application is in beta for now, and after you log in you’ll be treated to a notification telling you your address has been recorded for participation, and you’ll be allowed access shortly.


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