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Hands-on with the Lenovo K800 – the world’s first Intel Atom Z2460 powered phone

Lenovo-K800 (92)

While most of the new handsets we played with at CES were running on dual or quad-core processors, the new Lenovo K800 proudly sported a single-core chip. The Lenovo K800 will be the very first Android powered phone to run on Intel’s new Atom Z2460 chip which is clocked at 1.6 GHz. The handset features a gorgeous 4.5-inch 720p display, an 8 megapixel shooter capable of recoding video at 1080p, front-facing camera all running on Android 2.3. Lenovo was being a little sly when we asked about Android 4.0, but we got the feeling that the K800 may be getting an Ice Cream Sandwich flavored update before it hits the Chinese market this spring.

The Lenovo K800 demo unit we played with was skinned to match Lenovo’s other Android devices. The home screen leaves a lot to be desired, but the custom media and gallery applications offered a unique experience which stack pictures, music and videos into different piles for easy sorting and custom organization on the fly.

Lenovo-K800 (3) Lenovo-K800 (4) Lenovo-K800 (5) Lenovo-K800 (6) Lenovo-K800 (7) Lenovo-K800 (8) Lenovo-K800 (9) Lenovo-K800 (92)

The standout feature of the Lenovo K800 is the Intel Atom Z2460 chip which keeps the device running smooth even during benchmark testing. The unit we played with just happened to have Quadrant installed on it, so we launched it up and discovered that the Intel Atom Z2460 chip on the Lenovo K800 scored a 3489. Naturally, we’d like to stress that benchmark numbers don’t necessarily reflect real-life use scenarios, but they do give us an idea of what kind of performance we can expect from a handset. Since Quadrant is only optimized for single-core devices, we’re not surprised at all to see that the Intel Atom Z2460 scores a lot higher than the quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered devices.

Overall, the Lenovo K800 design and performance left us smiling. We’ve excited to see Intel finally getting into the Android segment with a chip that can keep up with the competition. For now, the handset is only scheduled to launch in Asian markets in Q2, but Lenovo is looking at a global launch for the K800 later this year.

Note: The specs mentioned in the video are a bit off since I was going off of memory since there was no spec card next to the handset at the Intel booth.

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