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Pictues, prices and launch dates for the white Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch


If black seems a little too bland for you, we’d like to introduce you to the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch — in white.  The new Frost White Epic 4G Touch will be available through all of Sprint’s retail channels on January 8th for $199.99 with the typical two-year contract and required $10 premium data add-on charge.  If you’re looking to save a little cash, don’t forget to check places like Amazon Wireless which currently features the black Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch for under $80.

Those of you looking for something a little more cutting edge might be more interested in the new white Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We don’t have an official launch date for the phone, but our friends over at Mobile Fun have informed us that they will be making it available on February 2nd for £519.95.

It’s nice that Samsung is giving consumers another color option. We just wish they would get their act together and give consumers the option when the phone launches rather than waiting a few month, forcing consumers to second guess their buying decision. Would any of you who already own either of these two devices consider selling your phone to pick up the white model?

white_samsung_galaxy_s_2_epic_4g_touch_front white_galaxu_nexus white_samsung_galaxy_s_2_epic_4g_touch_back

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