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Polaroid SC1630 phonecamera is great on the camera, not so much on the phone

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Polaroid has made a phone for the camera enthusiasts; one look at the Polaroid SC1630 and you can immediately see that the device’s primary function is a camera. In fact, the back of the device looks almost identical to many point and shoot cameras on the market today, and from looks alone you may be surprised to learn that it actually is an Android smartphone (assuming Polaroid can land a carrier contract or two).

The SC1630 features a 16 megapixel rear camera, complete with 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom. It sports an aperture ranging from F3.1 to F5.6, an ISO of up to 3200, and can record 720p video with anti-shake support. It comes with several 3G bands, but has yet to land any carrier contracts, meaning this will just be a camera that runs Android when it launches later this year.

The camera is by far the most impressive feature of the SC1630. When it comes to the device’s innards, the SC1630 features an 800×480 3.2-inch display, 512 MB RAM, and 512 MB ROM, which is quite disappointing for a device being released in 2012. Physical buttons are like what you’d expect with a phonecamera, with hard buttons for capturing pictures, video and zooming functions.

With only a 1,020 mAh battery, battery life may prove to be a huge issue with the SC1630, though one Polaroid COO Emanuel Vorona told Engadget the company is well aware of this and is working on a solution. Similarly, they’re working to build LTE capability into the SC1630, though they’ll have their work cut out for them contracting with carriers if they’re to release the cameraphone sans phone in April for $299. (No carrier contracts have been announced as of yet to unlock phone capabilities).

All in all, we have to wonder how many people out there need a decent cellular camera so bad that they’re willing to settle on a device as poorly spec’d as the SC1630. Most smartphone cameras are good enough for most uses, and most people bring point and shoots or DSLRs to events at which you’d need higher quality images. Is anyone out there interested in the Polaroid SC1630, or does this phone qualify for our consideration in the “Worst of CES” category?

Source: Engadget

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