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Six more HTC phones get unlocked bootloaders thanks to HTC Dev


Less than two weeks after unlocking bootloaders for five of their Android powered phones, the HTC Dev team has added bootloader unlock support for six more phones. The latest handsets to gain official bootloader unlock support include the HTC ChaCha, Status, Incredible, Desire Z, Aria and T-Mobile G2. This latest wave from the HTC Dev team brings the total count of unlockable phones to 28. If HTC Dev can keep up this pace, they may be able to unlock all HTC’s Android phones within the next few months.

Don’t forget that using HTC’s official unlock tool carries the same (if not more) risks as rooting and unlocking your phone with tools created by the Android development community. Just make sure you follow the instructions and ask other people for help if you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing.

We know a few of you have used the official HTC Dev bootloader unlocker. Would you recommend going with HTC’s tool, or do you think tools from the development community are just as good and reliable?

Via: HTC Source

Source: HTC Dev

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  1. Thunderbolt yet? I’ll try the HTC as I just dropped the phone last night and am ready for my Nexus!

  2. Should I run this, even though my bootloader was already unlocked by the unrEVOked app?

  3. The more the merrier! Don’t have an HTC but I would definitely use this tool. Makes life easier for those HTC-ers that want to root their phone. This is a good bandwagon to be on… I’m looking at you other manufacturers.

  4. Is unlocking the bootloader and rooting the phone the same thing or is there a difference?

  5. Jaime DiegoGuest 3 years ago

    @ageesaman – unlocking your bootloader is the same as s-offing. However rooting is installing the custom firmware after you unlock your bootloader. So is there a difference?…YES there’s a huge difference lmbo

  6. Now if they can do the MT4G next round

  7. Nice going unlock team keep them coming. :-)

  8. My G2 is on the list! Finally! But oh well i unlocked it long time ago already :)

  9. DazzaGuest 3 years ago

    Hold on a minute – do you have to pay for this or is it free? I’ve got an HTC Hero that I’m thinking of unlocking but thought I’d do it from here http://www.mobileunlocked.co.uk/htc/

    Advice much appreciated.

  10. ChrisGuest 3 years ago

    After the phone is unlocked can it be used on any network

  11. john oGuest 3 years ago

    I need help on how I can unlock my htc phone

  12. maverickGuest 3 years ago

    How to down grade wildfire A3333 buzz bootloader. Anybody can help….Tq Regard. Maverick

  13. maverickGuest 3 years ago


    How to down grade wildfire A3333 buzz bootloader. Anybody can help….Tq Regard. Maverick