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Amazon offering Galaxy Nexus for $99 to new customers


We don’t often post good deals (we usually just share such news through social networks), but this one is hard to pass by. If you’re looking to purchase Google’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon’s network, Amazon is now offering the device for only $99.99. This is $200 less than what Verizon is currently selling it for.

This deal is not applicable to just anyone, though. As assumed, you will have to sign a 2-year contract, but that’s not the only requirement. The first Android 4.0 smartphone will only run for $99 if you happen to be a new Verizon Wireless customer. This means the price will be higher when upgrading or adding new lines to a current family plan.

Even then, the prices are still cheaper via Amazon. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus goes for $259.99 when upgrading your device, and only $179.99 when adding a line to your family plan. Also, the purchase qualifies for free 2-day shipping, so no need to worry about those matters.

If you’re looking to switch to Verizon and this phone is the one you’ve been eyeing, this deal is a no-brainer. Undoubtedly, it is the best deal ever for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Read our full review for more details on the Galaxy Nexus, and hit the Amazon link below if you’re interested in signing up for this one.

Amazon Link: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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