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Amazon’s Silk Browser ported to rooted devices


When the Kindle Fire was announced, one of the biggest hypes about it was the addition of Amazon’s Silk Browser. This browser was said to improve loading speeds substantially, but it was exclusive to the Kindle Fire. Android users, not being a fan of limitations, got a break when the fine gentlemen at XDA Developers managed to get this browser up and running on rooted devices.

Whether you like this browser or not is mostly a personal preference. The vast majority of reviews and reports prove that this browser is by no means faster than the others. Despite Amazon’s claims, the cloud-based caching in this browser brings more lag, slowing the experience down by 1-3 seconds. You could make it a bit faster by turning off accelerated page loading, though (ironic, right?). The Silk Browser does reduce bandwidth consumption, though, which may very well be a huge advantage for tiered data plan users.

In a nutshell, one simply has to install the given files in the System folder. The instructions are not too complicated, and you should be able to get the Silk Browser running in a few minutes. For full instructions, head over to the XDA website.

As expected, it does not work with all devices/ROMs. It does work on CM7 for the Kindle Fire, though. Many users are reporting issues, as well as a bad experience in smaller phone screens (it was designed for tablets).

If you are feeling adventurous and want to give it a try, let us know how it goes. Have you already given it a try? Would you rather stick with your current (and most likely faster) browser? Which is your favorite browser, and why?

Via: Engadget

Source: XDA Developers

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