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ASUS almost ready to update OG Transformer to Android 4.0; not ready to add 3G to the Transformer Prime

Asus tablet with Tegra 3 and Intel processor

ASUS has managed to make itself one of the most popular Android tablet manufacturers. Not only are its devices featuring the best specs, but their prices are almost unbeatable and those updates are coming quick. ASUS is not quite ready to give up on the OG Transformer, and the Ice Cream Sandwich update might be coming sooner than we expected.

Soon after the ASUS Transformer Prime got its Android 4.0 treatment, Android was informed that the update to the OG Transformer would start rolling out during early February[1]. It looks like this update might be coming earlier than it seems, though. ASUS has mentioned via Facebook that the update is currently in the process of being approved by Google. As soon as Google gives it thumbs up, things are set and ASUS can start rolling out the update[2].

In other news – it seems like the Transformer Prime will not be getting a 3G (or 4G) antenna. Despite recent reports that ASUS would release a 3G-capable Transformer Prime, ASUS has reported that it does not plan to add 3G data connection to the Prime, and that it is currently not in their plans (according to Focus Taiwan)[3].

This device may lack that functionality, but there is definitely a market for all data-hungry users. ASUS also mentions that they do plan to add this feature to other high-end products in the “Transformer family.” That might take some time, though, so lets not hold our breath on this coming anytime soon. Instead, we will have to rely on WiFi and tethering for our data fix for now.

There is no doubt that the option to connect to the internet outside WiFi connectivity would be nice. ASUS makes it all up with its offerings, though, and they definitely know how to keep their costumers happy. Many of us would say that timely and consistent updates are better than 3G/4G connectivity, as is affordable price points, which is something ASUS is very well known for.

The simple fact that ASUS is updating its past-generation tablet tells a lot about the company. What do you guys think? Would you be willing to upgrade to a data-connected tablet?


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