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Google’s ‘Search plus Your World’ adds a personal touch to your search results

Google has a very grand outlook on how they invision the future of the web. They’ve been working for years upon years now with the problem of how to better organize information online. But organizing data is only the beginning. Google thinks that learning how to master search algorithms and how to best input information to return the results you want is archaic. They want to personalize the web. Which is where Google+ and “Search plus Your World” come in.

Google has long touted the ways their social network will integrate with everything you do online in the future. Slowly but surely, we’re seeing that integration come alive. Today, Google has announced a new feature of Google search called “Search plus Your World” that adds personalized results to your searches with the help of Google+.

When searching on Google.com, anything that’s been shared with you (even if it was private) that is relevant to what you’re looking for will be displayed. If you were to type in something like “awesome things,” then awesome things from Google+ would show up in the search results. Search plus Your World will also display Google+ contacts at the top of your search results when you type in a name.

Search plus Your World combined with location awareness and other customized search features has totally changed the way we look for information online. And Google is really only getting started. To try Search plus Your World, head on over to Google.com to see if it’s live for you. It’s in the process of being rolled out in English as we speak.

Source: Google

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