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Motorola sues Apple with Google’s support, retaliation continues


The battle between Apple and Google (and company) has been fierce. Lawsuit after lawsuit, Apple has been bombarding Android manufacturers with patent infringement cases. This drama is no where near its end, but this time the tables are turning around. Motorola Mobility has just filed another patent infringement lawsuit against Cupertino’s giant. This time the fight takes place in Florida, with 6 patents at hand.

Said patent infringement accusations apply to two of Apple’s latest products – the iPhone 4S and iCloud. Here are the patents Motorola is taking Apple to court for:

Motorola was not able to include both the iPhone 4S and iCloud during a lawsuit that started in late 2010. Such devices were not yet relevant, and Motorola was adviced by the Judge to follow with another lawsuit regarding these products. A major change took place in between, though – The proposition of the Google/Motorola merger, which was meant to increase Google’s patent repertoire (as far as we know).

Section 5.01(j) of the Google-Motorola Merger Agreement prohibits Motorola Mobility from “asserting any Intellectual Property Right in any new Action” without Google’s consent, that is. This means that Android’s creators are more than willing to fight back in this on-going struggle.

Things are not looking bad for Motorola, either. The manufacturer is currently awaiting a decision from Mannheim (next Friday, February 3rd), with the European equivalent to patent 5,754,119. Odds are leaning towards Motorola’s victory there, meaning that the outcome might be the same in the US.

Let’s just hope that these actions get Apple (and company) off their high horse. For now, we will have to sit tight and wait to hear more details. That does not mean we can’t speculate. Do you think Motorola can pull this one off?

Via: Foss Patents

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